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Tom Sarmo Tom Sarmo: The Cranky Bird Studio

English - Art, Painting, Art Ideas
Tom Sarmo · 5d ago

The Amazing (and very useful) Wut Brush: A sequence

I've been exploring wood cut-outs since repairing my scroll saw, and it's been a lot of fun. out with a few sketches, and settled on this
Tom Sarmo · 2W ago

A new Goblin-in-Progress

It's been awhile since I've been able to do some off-the-top-of-my-head sketching. There have been--and still are--a lot of projects in the hopper, but I had an idea for a new work that coul...
Tom Sarmo · 3W ago

St. Francis and the Wolf of Gubbio

St. Francis and the Wolf. Mixed media wood cut-out.It will be varnished, then framed in a shadow box.Lately I've been working again on spiritual pieces for a local gallery. When asked to pro...
Tom Sarmo · 1M ago

A Saint Michael Wood Cut-out

http://www.tomsarmo.comSaint Michael the Archangel (detail).Been working on ideas and sketches for a series of works to be shown at a spiritual gallery here in Colorado. I'l be posting more ...
Tom Sarmo · 1M ago

The (Magical) Hermit: A Painting Sequence

I start with sketches--in this case I just wanted to figure out the character of the tarot Hermit, so didn't worry about a composition rough. At this point I don't want to draw a perfect ren...
Tom Sarmo · 1M ago

Little Guys on Cardboard

http://www.tomsarmo.comBeen experimenting--trying out some glazing techniques I want to use on a project this coming spring. These two fellows are painted on some cardboard rolls I'd stashed...
Tom Sarmo · 2M ago

Some Plein Air, and an Experiment, cont'd

Been working on many projects in the studio, but also taking some time to do a bit of on-location drawing and painting with some fellow DIS members. This study is of a garden off an alley in...
Tom Sarmo · 2M ago

Angry Goblin Process

A bit of a sequence to this artwork with some less-than-steller iPhone photos.The drawing began with red colored pencil--Verithin Poppy in this case. White highlights added with a Signo whit...
Tom Sarmo · 3M ago


Pear Trees at 7:30 amHave pretty much bailed on social media, outside of keeping up with events and such. I like the way it feels. I don't know if it's a permanent thing.  Not being judgemen...
Tom Sarmo · 3M ago

My Art Book (and a Sticker Pack)!

My artwork from the past three years, compiled in a really nice, 96 page volume!This past year brought a solo exhibition for me at Helikon Gallery. Along with the show, the gallery director ...