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Tom Sarmo Tom Sarmo: The Cranky Bird Studio

English - Art, Painting, Art Ideas
Tom Sarmo · 1w ago

The Great John D. Batten

John Dickson Batten (1860-1932) has been a favorite illustrator since I was a kid. While not as celebrated as many of his contemporaries, his pen work illustrations and works in tempera are ...
Tom Sarmo · 1W ago

Preliminary Sketches

I'm working away at a bunch of paintings for an upcoming solo show at Helikon Gallery.One of my favorite ways to relax away from the studio is adding pen-work to my preliminary sketches for ...
Tom Sarmo · 1M ago

Recent Drawings from My Sketchbooks

http://www.tomsarmo.comSome recent, selected works from a variety of sketchbooks. These fellows are spontaneous drawings from my head, with the exception of the blue lantern--drawn using an ...
Tom Sarmo · 1M ago

Landscape and Urban Sketching Sunday's Plein Air group decided on an urban site. Instead of my paint set-up, I'd brought a sketchbook and drawing materials, planning on doing some research fo...
Tom Sarmo · 1M ago

My Prelim Process

Detail crop of a recent painting.I used to do detailed drawings and transfer them to the painting surface. But pretty sure that skipping that step has given my work a freshness it would lose...
Tom Sarmo · 2M ago

More Border Designs and Influences

 Border Design, acrylic.As promised in a post a few weeks ago--more borders!This one actually has a subject within the proscenium, but I've removed it for this post. Been working on a crop o...
Tom Sarmo · 2M ago

A Feature in Imagine FX

 I was very happy to learn that my submission to Imagine FX magazine resulted in a feature in the January 2017 issue. In a regular section called Fantasy Illustrator Exposé Traditional, seve...
Tom Sarmo · 2M ago

Some Border Designs and Influences interest me greatly, and influences vary fromthe illustrations of George Cruikshank, to
Tom Sarmo · 3M ago

Leaning Forward

Winterbreeze. Mixed media, private collection. When a cold blast hits, leaning forward feels better than running away. Maybe because the forward bend means resistance rather than compliance;...
Tom Sarmo · 3M ago

Change is Good and Gretel, acrylic and collage, private collection. I think that changing media leads to better artworks because it frees a person to experiment.This is a work do...