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Too Much Horror Fiction · 1w ago

Valley of Lights by Stephen Gallagher (1987): Watching the Detective

When I need to take a break from reading horror, the genre I look to most often is crime and private detective fiction. On and off for years, and mostly on these days, I've built up a small ...
Too Much Horror Fiction · 1W ago

It Wants Revenge

Daniel Ransom was the horror/thriller pseudonym of the well-respected late crime writer Ed Gorman. I think this cover art might be by John Melo (he was great at '80s perms and clothing).
Too Much Horror Fiction · 1W ago

More Evil Than The Exorcist, Stronger Than the Grave

Warner Paperback Library 1973, cover art by Seymour Chwast
Too Much Horror Fiction · 1W ago

A Beautiful Corpse

1973 Curtis Books, artist unknown 1980 Playboy Press reprint, artist unknown
Too Much Horror Fiction · 4W ago

Cold Hand in Mine by Robert Aickman (1975): The Image Within

It is probably a mistake to label Robert Aickman (1914 - 1981) a horror writer. While his stories have been featured for decades in a myriad of horror fiction anthologies, I believe he was u...
Too Much Horror Fiction · 1M ago

RIP William Peter Blatty (1928 - 2017)

Exorcist scribe William Peter Blatty has died, less than a week after his 89th birthday. If you've only seen the movie, do yourself a favor and read the novel too. It's truly astounding and ...
Too Much Horror Fiction · 1M ago

Yellow Fog by Les Daniels (1988): Blood and Tears

Now here's a Stephen King paperback blurb you can believe! Author Les Daniels (1943-2011) had been writing his series of historical vampire novels for about a decade, all featuring the "prot...
Too Much Horror Fiction · 1M ago

Razored Saddles, ed. by Joe Lansdale & Pat LoBrutto (1989): One-Half Hillbilly and One-Half Punk

Boasting cover art that strikes a sweet spot between absurd and awesome, the wonderfully-titled Razored Saddles (Avon Books paperback, October 1990) rustles up a heap of horror/SF/western/wh...
Too Much Horror Fiction · 1M ago

Ramsey Campbell Born on This Date, 1946

Greetings 2017! Let's start the new year appreciating Ramsey Campbell and the paperback covers for the UK editions of his books. Of course several years ago I posted the US Tor covers. Enjoy...
Too Much Horror Fiction · 1M ago

Dead End Zone for a Dead End Girl