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Too Much Horror Fiction · 1W ago

My and Grady Hendrix's Paperbacks from Hell Oregon Appearance, Oct 12, 2017!

It's happening! Grady and I will be appearing together at Powell's Books in Beaverton, OR (only a few miles outside of Portland) at their Cedars Hills Crossing location. From Grady's site: ...
Too Much Horror Fiction · 2W ago

The Inquisitor Series, 1974-1975

Proof that there are still horror-related paperbacks of the 1970s I have never heard of before! Thanks to critic Andrew Nette of Pulp Curry, I've been introduced to this six-volume series Th...
Too Much Horror Fiction · 2W ago

The Legacy by Jere Cunningham (1977): That Demon Life Got Me in Its Sway

You might or might not be familiar with the name Jere Cunningham, a writer who published several horror paperbacks during the classic vintage era but who moved on to Hollywood screenplays la...
Too Much Horror Fiction · 3W ago

Horror Fiction Help XVII

OK horror fiends who can help out here? 1. Sci-fi/horror novel about insect aliens taking over a town, people getting body-horror mutations, place gets quarantined by the government, turns ...
Too Much Horror Fiction · 1M ago

By Bizarre Hands by Joe R. Lansdale (1989): Apocalypse Wow

If you were a horror fiction reader in the late 1980s and paid attention to such things, you knew that Joe R. Lansdale was being marketed, if that's not too strong a word, in a manner not se...
Too Much Horror Fiction · 2M ago

Burnt Offerings by Robert Marasco (1973): Ride Ride Ride in a Long Black Limousine

The house was absolutely essential,  a vital part of herself  which she recognized immediately.  There's no getting around it, and if you've read  it (or seen the movie adaptation), I'd w...
Too Much Horror Fiction · 3M ago

Coming September 2017: Paperbacks from Hell!

For some years I've had TMHF readers asking if I was going to write a book about paperback horror fiction, and I've always shied away from the idea; I feel I write as a fan and amateur, not ...
Too Much Horror Fiction · 3M ago

A Diabolical Delight

Too Much Horror Fiction · 3M ago

Scorpion by Michael R. Linaker (1980): Animal Magnetism

Poor Old Blighty: the once regal lord of the world would, throughout the 1970s and '80s, find itself overrun again and again by hordes of vermin which laid waste to so many of its proud, if ...
Too Much Horror Fiction · 3M ago

This Place is Creepy and It's Somber Too