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TOTUS · 12h ago

President Trump could help solve the Rape Crisis in Europe by Importing Islamic Rapist from those distressed nations

President Trump has turned a blind eye to the distressed peoples of Europe and Scandinavia by refusing to import Islamic Rapist to America.  An act that would provide much needed relief from...
TOTUS · 2d ago

President Trump condemned by the media for not knowing what the acronym CBC means.

Last week at his news conference, President Trump was asked about his contacts with the CBC (Congressional Black Caucus).  Trump seemed unfamiliar with this acronym and was soundly criticize...
TOTUS · 4d ago

President Trump declares Mount Zion Island in Massachusetts a National Park and will move GITMO detainees there.

It has just been learned that President Trump will soon sign an executive order declaring Mt. Zion Island in Massachusetts the nations newest National Park.  The state had recently made the ...
TOTUS · 5d ago

Do Democrats now believe that Trump is helping the Commie's sap our Precious Bodily Fluids

In the 1960's Americans, especially those on the right, were obsessed with the "Red Scare".  The leftest Hollywood film makes of that era like Stanley Kubrick often used those feelings of an...
TOTUS · 6d ago

Trump strikes back at CNN and other Porveyors of Fake News

After weeks of being poked like a Mexican Pinata, the "Donald" struck back at the purveyors of very fake news in a 70+ minute news conference.  A news conference in which he answered questio...
TOTUS · 1w ago

Help reduce Campus Suicide rates, impeach Trump

Following the election of Donald J. Trump as President actuarial tables have shown a sudden spike in the suicide rate among certain specific groups.  These outbreaks are confined to Universi...
TOTUS · 1W ago

Putin - Trump conspiracy grows as thousands of Red State schools found to be teaching Russian

Following the shocking revelation that former national security advisor, Mike Flynn made numerous trips to Russia where he was reportedly compromised by Vladimir Putin who plied him with lar...
TOTUS · 1W ago

A Call to Arms: The Election is over, the first Skirmish won. The War has just begun and the crowning victory not yet in sight

Liberty and freedom are precious and must be fought for and many generations of Americans have answered the call and heard the toll of the Liberty Bell. Now is such a time and ask not for "w...
TOTUS · 1W ago

Singer Joy Villa turned LaLa Land on head by wearing "Make America Great" gown at 59th Grammy's

This was one of those rare, extremely rare moments in Hollywood when someone bucked the trend.  Thanks Joy, you made my day!
TOTUS · 1W ago

The Tiny Tasty Delta Smelt now being Canned at secret locations in California's Central Valley

Apparently the farmers in California have had enough when it comes to the tiny Delta Smelt---a fish put on the endangered species list because of actions by environmental activist groups.  A...