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Totus Tuus Family · 21h ago

Annunciation Art Images ~ Beginning of Redemption in the Flesh

"What the Catholic faith believes about Mary is based on what it believes about Christ, an...
Totus Tuus Family · 2d ago

Questions to Redirect You to Christ

There's so much out there to distract us from a relationship with Jesus.  Here's a simple ...
Totus Tuus Family · 4d ago

Wordless Wednesday - Legerdemain

NOT as easy as it looks!
Totus Tuus Family · 1w ago

Sunday Silence - Feast of St. Joseph

Totus Tuus Family · 1w ago

Collateral Beauty

It's not the first time I've appreciated a movie that critics have panned. Just cried my w...
Totus Tuus Family · 1W ago

A Pastor's Lenten Advice on Sin & Confession

"Every slip, every fall from grace, is serious, even though we distinguish between mortal ...
Totus Tuus Family · 1W ago

A Blog Refresh - Please Visit & Look Around

The winter is coming to an end and the sparkling ice is melting off the trees.  The gliste...
Totus Tuus Family · 3W ago

6 Years Ago, On Ash Wednesday, Pope Benedict XVI Said This

And, as we enter, like Christ, into the desert for these 40 days ..."the "desert" is also ...
Totus Tuus Family · 1M ago

Chair of St. Peter

Chair of St. Peter - Taken May 2011 after Vatican Bloggers MeetingThis structure is a brilliant creation by Bernini, designed to display the chair on which, according to ancient tradition, St. Peter sat and taught Roman Christians. Pope Alexander VII...
Totus Tuus Family · 1M ago

St. Louis de Montfort Prayer to Dispel Darkness

Part of a prayer by St. Louis de Montfort in honor of Our Lady it is in its entire...