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Touching the Art. · 2d ago

acceptance is a blank page.

the loose ends you leave behind andhow you disappear show the oneswho love you everything they will ever need to know the first stage of grief leaves you standing in the grocery store aforgo...
Touching the Art. · 1w ago

the ocean starts at the shoreline.

this is you, you seek solace in raw demiseyou accost by adjective and verbburying it under allegations of beasts for slaughter, fish gasping at the shorediscarded and digging in the dirt for forty some years for the sourcedetonation at the helmwantin...
Touching the Art. · 1W ago


she opened her eyes asthe shoreline gasped outward beneath her naked feetfrigid poolsswallowed hard as she stood alonehunting pastthe sight linea lone gull wailed and wind stungas she stood ...
Touching the Art. · 1W ago


when it has been a hard year, indeliblepatterns wear down the floorboardsdaylight presses an imprint againstthe film on neglected window paneslimbs remain where limbs must lie inwilted angles, measured in sepiawhen alone is a place to dwell, bitter a...
Touching the Art. · 3W ago

shadows of ourselves.

there was meant to be a moment whenyou looked back at the wreckage and themotion of our lives slowed to a crawl, and pauseda carnal beast could be seen climbing, a steadysilhouette from beneath the still life you drew, with its frozen cast of charact...
Touching the Art. · 3W ago

in line at the post office.

and here I wait, againdangling left and lostimagining intentions somehow alignedour last error in a string of unfathomable events compressed into weeks, dragging us by our limbs through shad...
Touching the Art. · 4W ago

acting a fool.

we are bound to ourselves melted styrene fused to fingersbrittle bones soldered to wires, justmarionettes of our own devising trust is the blanket of nightfalla backdrop on the stage hand drawn with silhouettes stippled across a faraway landscapethen...
Touching the Art. · 1M ago

muddy water.

does she descend upon yourgrayscale, or tender unacknowledged criterion with needcarefully spelledin musical interpretationand intricate visual renderingsdoes harmony seep through thedark ir...
Touching the Art. · 3M ago

9:13 p.m.

and the ascent toyour door, inhaling theshameless dusk that heraldsyou, a blade unwaveringwrapping itself aroundtwo pieces carefullyheld, hard charcoal andpowder soft chalk, yourwords outlin...
Touching the Art. · 3M ago

9:13 p.m.