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Trace's Place · 4W ago

Hidden Prisons!

So, here's a Flash Back Friday. We were heading out to Tomoka State Prison with our band a...
Trace's Place · 1M ago

Have You Ever Been Lonely (One Heart remake) by the b.a.s.i.c. band

Trace's Place · 1M ago

Figment of Pigment!

I have this old white shirt that I want to bring back to life. Want to dye it. I can see it a pretty antique blue like this wall. But, right now? That's just a pigment of my imagination. PIM...
Trace's Place · 2M ago

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day to all y'all guys and ladies. Sharing my dress up photograph and story and our jazzy, bluesy, fun, love song. Not your garden variety kind of song. Though, it is about ...
Trace's Place · 5M ago

The Black & Blue Beat!

We, sometimes, beat ourselves up too much. Our soul can get black and blue. Sitting in that pitch black dark mind and feeling blue can rub off. Bruise us. Black and blues us. So, my pitch fo...
Trace's Place · 5M ago


When your emotions are raw, best to not talk. Or holler. Or cry. Except to God. He's the only one who can understand and take the anger and hurt and rawness and still love you. And turn the ...
Trace's Place · 5M ago


The 1st is when we meet someone and we go like "AWW" but THEN we go like "ICK", after we get to know them. The 2nd? We meet someone and go like "aww" but after we get to to know them we go l...
Trace's Place · 5M ago


Working on a new song today. About worry. Perfect timing. Finances and health things tend to weigh us down. Praying those worries right outta he-uh. Weigh outta he-uh. Trusting God for he knows all our worries. Weigh better than we do. Have a weigh f...
Trace's Place · 5M ago


Accoutrements! I really like the way that word rolls off my lips. And, not just because I took French. My accoutrements? My outward accessories? Equipment? Fingerless gloves and a smile. Inw...
Trace's Place · 5M ago

Super Moonings!

Since we had a supermooon last eve, I thought I'd write about mooning. I don't always super enjoy being mooned, but when I do? It better crack me up and be super funny. PIMP LOL. Ok. Go pull...