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Training6Hearts4Him · 4M ago


I started making Kefir last month and LOVE it! I bought my Kefir grains at Yemoos (not sure how you pronounce it) and Cultured Food Life. I bought at two places for two reasons, one, just in...
Training6Hearts4Him · 5M ago

Back to Homeschool 2017/2018

Wow, another year has officially begun here at Homeschooling6! I have only six years left of homeschooling. Wow, can you believe that mamas?!?!We started full sing Monday the 18th of Sept. b...
Training6Hearts4Him · 5M ago

My Girl is Turning 18!!!

It seems like yesterday I was bringing home my second child. I was so excited to have my little girl. We named her Annette Rose, Annette after a dear friend and Rose after my Aunt Rose and c...
Training6Hearts4Him · 5M ago

Fun Schooling: Video School Wednesday

We started a new schedule here at Homeschooling6. In fact, we had our first day Monday the 19th, our first full day anyway. We have been schooling a little here-and-there throughout the summ...
Training6Hearts4Him · 6M ago

Summer School 2017 (Lance) Good & the Beautiful Language Arts

Throughout the summer we have been doing a little school here and there. Two days ago the weather wasn't overwhelmingly hot so Lance and I went outside to do a little school. Here he is work...
Training6Hearts4Him · 7M ago

High School Starter Pack

Core Journal Campfire Cover Steampunk Cover Option 3
Training6Hearts4Him · 7M ago

Dyslexia Games

I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, Dyslexia Games. This therapy program is so unique that it's not only for Dyslexic children. Any child (or adult) can benefit with using Dyslexia Games.Sarah Janisse ...
Training6Hearts4Him · 7M ago

Galaxy Grammar

I have an exciting review coming up for you all, Grammar Galaxy!!! I'm so thrilled to introduce this awesome grammar program.Basically, it teaching grammar through story and with short lesso...
Training6Hearts4Him · 7M ago

The Good & the Beautiful History Year 1

I've been silent lately. Lots happening. We had my sis-in-law and her family visit. They left last week. My boys, Brent and Caleb will be home August 9th. I'm super excited. Annette is home ...
Training6Hearts4Him · 8M ago

Coffee, Coffee, Coffee

My mug for the day ☕ Love Chick-fil-A! Just coffee with cream. Keeping it simple on a Friday.Saturday's coffee.Just cream today 🐄 Enjoying coffee from a Darth Vader ☕ mug. This one belongs t...