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Trampleedesigns Tramp Lee Designs - A Hag With A Bag

English - Bags, Etsy, Handmade
Trampleedesigns · 2Y ago

25 Days Of Giveaways - Take 2

25 Days Of GiveawaysTAKE 2I will save the story of what all went wrong for another post, let's just say it was quite hilarious.Scratch almost everything that I spent so long planning and go ...
Trampleedesigns · 2Y ago

The 25 Days Of Giveaways are Finally Here... What Will You Win???

WELCOME TOTRAMPLEEDESIGNS25 DAYS OF GIVEAWAYSNow for the fun part, Over the next 25 Days, I will be having a Drawing Each and Every Day...
Trampleedesigns · 2Y ago

ALL THINGS ETSY - ARTIST SPOTLIGHT - Danijela Milica Jujic - Tangled World

What's your name and where do you live?My name is Danijela Milica Jujic. I am from Serbia. Beautiful country in Europe with long and rich history. What is it that you do? How would you descr...
Trampleedesigns · 2Y ago


Making the MOST of Twitter for Your Small BusinessOk, here we go. I keep getting asked why I am creating lists, what is the purpose and how Twitter works. I am going to try and explain it as...
Trampleedesigns · 2Y ago


Natascha from Jaya Maya www.jayamayajewellery.etsy.comWhat's your name and where do you live?Hi, my name is Natascha Schwarzer and I am lucky to be living in the tropical beauty that is Far ...