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Transforming Workers' Comp · 2d ago

Foreign Patients Get Liver Transplants in US Hospitals First

ProPublica, those lovely folks who published several articles some time back on workers’ comp, are at it again. This time, they are focusing their ire on how foreign patients are getting liv...
Transforming Workers' Comp · 6d ago

Time For Medical Tourism Industry to Clean Up Its Act

An article in Arizona Central (see link below) highlights the problem with weight-loss surgery in Mexico.
Transforming Workers' Comp · 2W ago

Unraveling Global Healthcare

While channel surfing, I caught the last few minutes of a documentary on my local Public Broadcasting Station (PBS) called, “Gauze: Unraveling Global Healthcare.” I only saw the part where t...
Transforming Workers' Comp · 3W ago


Picking up where I left off last week with my post, Regulation Strangulation, regarding too much regulation, a series of articles from earlier this week, published in various health care jou...
Transforming Workers' Comp · 3W ago

CMS Proposes to Allow States to Define Health Benefits

A connection of mine today posted a link to a CMS Fact Sheet in which they propose to allow states to define essential health benefits beginning January 1, 2019. According to the fact sheet,...
Transforming Workers' Comp · 3W ago

Five Years

Yesterday marked my five year anniversary as your humble blogger. But all through the month, many of my LinkedIn connections have congratulated me prematurely, only to have me set them strai...
Transforming Workers' Comp · 3W ago

Regulation Strangulation

The American Hospital Association (AHA) released a report that stated that there is too much regulation that is impacting patient care. The report, Regulatory Overload Assessing the Regulato...
Transforming Workers' Comp · 3W ago

CVS to Buy Aetna

This should wake you up before your morning coffee. Reuters is reporting that pharmacy operator, CVS Health Corp. is making a bid for Aetna Insurance. Bid is more than $66 Billion. Here is t...
Transforming Workers' Comp · 4W ago

Ashley Furniture and Medical Travel, part 1

From the One Hand Washes the Other department comes the following Spotlight article from Medical Travel Ashley Furniture, based in Wisconsin, is one of the largest manufacturers o...
Transforming Workers' Comp · 1M ago

Copper, or Cop Out?

The recent bipartisan health care bill, posted here, is an attempt to save the cost-sharing reimbursements that the Orangutan ended last week, and that the White House (the adult day care ce...