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Transforming Workers' Comp · 14h ago

Slight Increase in Average Medical Costs for Lost-Time Claims, Part 2

Ever since I began my MHA degree, I have analyzed the average medical cost severity for lost-time workers’ comp claims. The average medical costs for lost-time claims have been rising steadi...
Transforming Workers' Comp · 18h ago

Slight Increase in Average Medical Costs for Lost-Time Claims, Part 1

It’s that time of the year again, the time when I review the NCCI State of the Line Report. As an added feature this year, I am including a look at the Medical Cost data, a new subject which...
Transforming Workers' Comp · 1w ago

Texas Passes Telehealth Law

Texas has passed a telehealth law, joining other states. This ties in with yesterday’s infographic. Here are the details:
Transforming Workers' Comp · 1W ago

Infographic on Mobile Health

Here’s an infographic courtesy of URAC. What will this mean for workers’ comp, health care and medical travel? Filed under: Benefits, Health Care, Health Care Benefits, Health Care Costs, Me...
Transforming Workers' Comp · 1W ago

Washington State Workers’ Comp Accepts Foreign Medical Providers

Seven years ago, when I was working on my MHA degree, I wrote a paper which has become the basis of this blog. During that time, I found the website of the Department of Labor & Industries f...
Transforming Workers' Comp · 2W ago


“Capital is reckless of the health or length of life of the laborer, unless under compulsion from society.” Karl Marx “Our policy is to create a national health service in order to ensure th...
Transforming Workers' Comp · 2W ago

An Old Topic Returns

Back when I began this blog, I discussed in several posts, the difference between employee and employer choice of physician in each state for workers’ comp. As reported last week, and elabor...
Transforming Workers' Comp · 2W ago

One More Thing on Health Reform

Could not ignore Joe Paduda’s first post this morning, which is also covered on the Health Wonk Review blog. He lays out in great detail who would be affected by passage of this zombie legis...
Transforming Workers' Comp · 2W ago

The Zombie Apocalypse and Other Matters

For sometime now, your humble author has subscribed to a health care blog called Health Wonk Review. Some of their posts are usually out of the scope of this blog, so I very rarely write abo...
Transforming Workers' Comp · 3W ago

Ding, Dong, Health Care “Reform” Is Dead: A Political View

Time for another rant, but this time it is based on actual facts, plus an understanding of the real reason repeal and replace of the ACA is not going to happen. There are many reasons for wh...