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Travel Between The Pages · 8h ago

Itinerant Bookstore Tourism

Margaux Segré gave up a comfortable civil service career with the French Ministry of Cultu...
Travel Between The Pages · 1d ago

NYC Layered

I have never seen anything quite like this very trippy, multi-layered time-lapse video below. Here’s what the filmmaker Julian Tryba had to say about the process: Traditional time-lapses are...
Travel Between The Pages · 2d ago

Mustachio On The Orient Express

h/t Tom Gauld  Filed under: Animation, Art, Books, Europe, Film Tagged: Agatha Christie, Cartoons, Trains
Travel Between The Pages · 3d ago

What we live with now

Those of you who follow TBTP on a regular basis are well aware that I’m a huge fan of the ...
Travel Between The Pages · 4d ago

Fillory and Further

I’m a big fan of author Lev Grossman’s The Magicians trilogy. The brilliant and always ent...
Travel Between The Pages · 5d ago

Bookstore Tourism Lisbon

Portugal is well known to traveling bibliophiles for its extraordinary bookstores and libr...
Travel Between The Pages · 6d ago

Homage a George Seurat

Homage a Seurat by Jonathan Burton h/t M. Wuerker  Filed under: Art, Books, Europe Tagged: Georges Seurat, Painting, Un Dimanche apres-midi a l'Ile de la Grande jatte
Travel Between The Pages · 1w ago

They Promised Me Ponies

I am not the least bit embarrassed to admit that I am a devoted fan of the Simpsons. The s...
Travel Between The Pages · 1W ago

Literary Dioramas

Spanish artist Malena Valcarcel transforms abdondoned books into fanciful, poetic dioramas and book sculptures. You can see more of her lovely work, and even purchase a piece, on her Etsy si...
Travel Between The Pages · 1W ago

There is a crack in everything

It’s hard to believe that Leonard Cohen has been gone for a year, but this week his hometo...