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Treasuring Life's Blessings · 1d ago

Daily Bible Jigsaw - Review

I use my iPhone for all sorts of things but rarely do I use it for something fun like games. I typically am not into any ole random games. Imagine my surprise to recently have been introduce...
Treasuring Life's Blessings · 1d ago

Love Letters from God:Bible Stories for a Girl's Heart Review & Giveaway

So often you hear stories about men of the Bible but you rarely hear about the women from the Bible. Author Glenys Nellist recently added another wonderful book to her Love Letters from God ...
Treasuring Life's Blessings · 1d ago

Hope in Front of Me

I've been running through rainThat I thought would never endTrying to make it on faithIn a struggle against the windI've seen the dark and the broken placesBut I know in my soulNo matter how...
Treasuring Life's Blessings · 5d ago

SpeedyPrep CLEP Prep - Review

My oldest daughters are juniors this year in high school, so I admit I am still figuring out things with them. Such as looking past high school and helping them to plan their next steps for ...
Treasuring Life's Blessings · 1W ago

I Will

My daughter shared this song this week with me and it meant so much! I just wanted to share it here in case there are those of you could also use this reminder & encouragement!
Treasuring Life's Blessings · 2W ago

Memoria Press American History - Review

My 8th grade son really enjoys learning about history, especially American History. He finished his history curriculum early this year. Right about the time he finished it, we were give the ...
Treasuring Life's Blessings · 11M ago

Spinach and Strawberry Salad w/Poppyseed Dressing

It's coming up on one of our favorite times in the world of gardening, the ripening of our strawberry patch!  In addition to making jam and freezing whole berries for smoothies, we also like...
Treasuring Life's Blessings · 1M ago

Creating a Masterpiece - Review

The latest curriculum that we added to our homeschool has been by far one of my most funnest reviews this year! We were able to take a subject and make it something for the whole family to d...
Treasuring Life's Blessings · 1M ago

I'd Rather Be Your Mommy - Review

Being a mom is one of the hardest jobs ever! I know most of us definitely wouldn't trade this job for anything in the world but sometimes both our kids and us moms need a reminder of that. W...
Treasuring Life's Blessings · 1M ago

Happy 1st Birthday Mia Grace

I literally blinked and before I knew it, my 8th baby turned 1 year old today!! I don't know where the time has gone! (Actually, I do, she's been high needs at time and often only wants mama...