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Treepodia - Ecommerce for Video · 1W ago

Mind-boggling Facts About Video

Video has become much more than just a tool, or a strategy. The concept has become so integral to our lives that there are so many fun facts about the... Read more »
Treepodia - Ecommerce for Video · 1M ago

Video Retargeting Campaign Saves $7 Million in a Year

Research & Analysis Confirms 49% ROI Increase & 74% CTR Increase Foreword: Results of Study Dynamic video remarketing has proven to be an effective way of increasing return on investment... ...
Treepodia - Ecommerce for Video · 2M ago

Marry the Brilliance of Influence Marketing and Video for Success

Since before the age of computers companies have always searched for reputable third parties to vouch for them, put in a good word or brag on their behalf—on a one-by-one... Read more »
Treepodia - Ecommerce for Video · 3M ago

Online Video Ads and the Customer Funnel

Can Online Video Ads “Grease the Wheels” of the Sales Funnel? The sales funnel, otherwise known as the sales process, refers to the series of steps that customers take during... Read more »
Treepodia - Ecommerce for Video · 4M ago

Grow Your Brand with Personalized Video Content

How to Gain the Competitive Edge with Video Marketing Brands face many challenges on their way to gaining mainstream acceptance among customers. Among them is brand image. One of the... Read...
Treepodia - Ecommerce for Video · 5M ago

Video Retargeting Outperforms Traditional Retargeting with Average Industry Increases of 74% in CTR and 49% in ROI [Infographic]

Stay on Target with Organizational Goals with Dynamic Video Retargeting Treepodia collated data from a year-long study comprising in-depth analysis and research on the effectiveness of dynam...
Treepodia - Ecommerce for Video · 6M ago

How to Use Loyalty Videos for Maximum Retention?

Loyalty Videos: A New-Age Solution to an Age-Old Problem Customer Relationship Management, or CRM, is the focal point of retention strategists around the world. The pivotal question is What ...
Treepodia - Ecommerce for Video · 7M ago

Content Best Practices to Successfully Manage Your Video Campaign

Best Practice #1 – Personalized Marketing Material Online video is gaining in prominence every day. Video has already overtaken traditional banners and text as the most effective communicati...
Treepodia - Ecommerce for Video · 9M ago

2017 Video Marketing Predictions

Effective Ways to Boost Retention, Conversion and Profitability: Video Marketing of the Future. Companies looking to boost their retention, conversion and profitability are increasingly turn...
Treepodia - Ecommerce for Video · 10M ago

Why is Facebook Video Remarketing So Effective?

Video Ads Are Increasingly Popular on Facebook and Here’s Why! As the world’s #1 social media platform, Facebook stands head and shoulders above the competition. According to Facebook’s offi...