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Treepodia - Ecommerce for Video · 1W ago

User Review Videos: A Game Changer for E-Commerce

The internet provides full access to information on any product. This readily available information also comes with user reviews that influence potential buyers. This is not a new concept. S...
Treepodia - Ecommerce for Video · 3W ago

Win Your Clients over with Customer Service Videos

The Impact of Customer Service Videos The digital world is here to stay. It both simplifies yet complicates matters at the same time.  Consumers have to muddle through endless bills,... Read...
Treepodia - Ecommerce for Video · 2M ago

The Hottest Video Trends for 2018

Video is growing so quickly that each year the rise in use, development and popularity are all so massive from the previous year. This new year is the most exciting... Read more »
Treepodia - Ecommerce for Video · 3M ago

The Year of Digital Video Advertising — 2017

This year, 2017, is almost over and looking back, it has been THE year of digital video advertising. Why? Many factors such as personalization, big data and social media growth... Read more ...
Treepodia - Ecommerce for Video · 4M ago

Treepodia Launches Starter Package for Dynamic Video Remarketing

Raising the Bar on Dynamic Video Remarketing Dynamic Video Retargeting is the most effective way to retarget customers who have previously viewed your products. As one of the front-runners i...
Treepodia - Ecommerce for Video · 5M ago

PokerStars Players Savour Victory with Winning Moments Videos

The world’s #1 poker room, PokerStars recently introduced a groundbreaking innovation for players – PokerStars Winning Moments Videos. These videos utilise Treepodia’s cutting-edge technolog...
Treepodia - Ecommerce for Video · 6M ago

Mind-boggling Facts About Video

Video has become much more than just a tool, or a strategy. The concept has become so integral to our lives that there are so many fun facts about the... Read more »
Treepodia - Ecommerce for Video · 7M ago

Video Retargeting Campaign Saves $7 Million in a Year

Research & Analysis Confirms 49% ROI Increase & 74% CTR Increase Foreword: Results of Study Dynamic video remarketing has proven to be an effective way of increasing return on investment... ...
Treepodia - Ecommerce for Video · 7M ago

Marry the Brilliance of Influence Marketing and Video for Success

Since before the age of computers companies have always searched for reputable third parties to vouch for them, put in a good word or brag on their behalf—on a one-by-one... Read more »
Treepodia - Ecommerce for Video · 9M ago

Online Video Ads and the Customer Funnel

Can Online Video Ads “Grease the Wheels” of the Sales Funnel? The sales funnel, otherwise known as the sales process, refers to the series of steps that customers take during... Read more »