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Trips, Pics, and Tales · 1Y ago

We're docked in Paris! A day of touring with Avalon! June 26, 2015

It's our last day of our river cruise, and boy have we seen and done so much!  Here we are, back in Paris, where we began! I love that Avalon includes a full day here as part of the itinerar...
Trips, Pics, and Tales · 1Y ago

I haven't forgotten....the return to the River Cruise trip.....our evening in Paris, June 25, 2015!

Well, to say life got busy may be the biggest understatement ever! I'm not sure just how my last update to this wonderful trip was back in November, and here it is, the beginning of February...
Trips, Pics, and Tales · 2Y ago this a a palace! Thursday, June 25, 2015 continued

After lunch back on the ship, we went with our group on one of the optional excursions to Versailles.  During the time we would be touring this most magnificent palace, the ship was going to...
Trips, Pics, and Tales · 2Y ago

Almost back to Paris! Joséphine's Château de Malmaison, Conflans - Thursday, June 25th, Day 7

It was already Thursday!  This cruise was going so we had two different included options for our morning. We could either go to visit Van Gogh's Auvers-sur-Oise.  This is wh...
Trips, Pics, and Tales · 2Y ago

Touring Rouen, France part 3 - Avalon River Cruise, June 24, 2015

After our morning guided tour, we went back to our ship for lunch, which was just a short walk away. This was yet another thing that I was coming to really enjoy about river cruising....we w...
Trips, Pics, and Tales · 2Y ago

Our day in Rouen continued! Avalon River Cruise - day 6 June 24, 2015

After we left the cathedral, our guide took us through the town of Rouen, telling us about its history.  He was a fantastic storyteller, as so many of the guides we had on this trip were!
Trips, Pics, and Tales · 2Y ago

Returning to the Avalon River Cruise Story! A day in Rouen, France! Day 6, June 24, 2015

As so often does, life gets a bit crazy busy and time goes by a bit too quickly!  With school starting for my kids, and a few other trips between the last time I posted and now, I'm just fin...
Trips, Pics, and Tales · 2Y ago

Our Taste of Normandy Continues with Calvados! June 23, 2015

After our freshly prepared lunch and stroll around town, we met up with our group again and moved on to our last stop of the day.  We would be visiting a Calvados distillery.  This region of...