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Trooppetrie · 1W ago

Oh Brother

Oh brother! They are so sweet together. I love when they snuggle up together. 
Trooppetrie · 3W ago

Where we Homeschool

This is what homeschooling looks like today. She loves to do school in this quiet room. It is honestly the room we use to store our supplies for craft shows. Today her baby brother decided t...
Trooppetrie · 4W ago

Baby Timothy

Thank you for praying for this sweet miracle. He is home now and doing well. I ask you to continue to pray for his recovery and his precious mommy who is recovering. 
Trooppetrie · 4W ago

Random Craziness

This child is going to cause me to have a anxiety attack. He was hanging from the ledge. I have no idea why they felt the need to look at themselves and stick their tongues out while doing so.Something crazy happened. I had my husband set right in fr...
Trooppetrie · 1M ago

This Years Garden

I love this time of year. We get the garden back under control and ready for a new year. T...
Trooppetrie · 1M ago

The Perfect Picture

This is not a everyday event. But it is the moments like this that make my day. 
Trooppetrie · 1M ago

This Weeks Mess

These boys are a hot mess. They are best friends and I love it. Today they found a container of strawberry milk powder and used it as sand. They poured it all over the kitchen floor and then rolled in it.  The second mess you see is Jacob pretending ...
Trooppetrie · 1M ago

Budgets and Prayers

We have a grocery budget but honestly we never pay close attention to it. It is the one area in my life that I won't skimp on. I have learned some tricks to stretch our grocery bill. For one, we always buy in bulk. The more you can buy the cheaper th...
Trooppetrie · 1M ago

A Fresh Start

Well it is official. He has accepted a new job and will be back to work in a few short weeks. He is officially out of the Army. I honestly cannot believe how crazy life has been and how much...
Trooppetrie · 1M ago

Only in my Life

This week: *my boys spilled a entire container of strawberry quick all over the floor and rolled in it *my dog was found on the roof twice. this is how I know it is spring *the topsoil we bo...