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Truth Before Dishonor · 2Y ago

Can Californians Get Any More Stupider?

Reading over at ESPN, the Golden State Warriors have a plan to build a new basketball home in San Fransisco, moving away from Oakland. Every penny of the construction cost will be paid for b...
Truth Before Dishonor · 2Y ago

The Buckeyes Beat The Mildcats

Ohio State’s men’s basketball team just beat the Kentucky Mildcats to go to 6-5 on the season. Just thought a certain unnamed Dana would like to know.
Truth Before Dishonor · 2Y ago

#4thImpact Never Break My Heart Times Two

Many, many people have seen 4th Impact singing covers on X Factor UK. Their X Factor UK YouTube videos have all reached into the millions of views, far surpassing any of the other acts. But ...
Truth Before Dishonor · 2Y ago

Economics 101: #Portland #BlindSquirrel Finds A Nut

We on the Right have discussed all the Democrat actions and their negative economic effects for years now. The First Street Journal has many such articles. We know that raising taxes causes ...
Truth Before Dishonor · 2Y ago

You Raise Me Up — 4th Power

Millions have watched the Pinay sister group 4th Power (ages 19, 23, 25, 27) on the British X Factor. Their YouTube performances have all gone viral. They are amazing in their abilities and ...
Truth Before Dishonor · 2Y ago

We Are Too Easily Offended Today And I Blame The Left

Can you stop being offended long enough to watch this roast of Sammy Davis, Jr? Can you laugh along with all the audience and all the people on the dais? Or do you always look for a reason t...
Truth Before Dishonor · 2Y ago

You’re Toxic

Alex and Sierra do it a lot better than Britney whatshername.
Truth Before Dishonor · 1Y ago

Donald Tump

Originally posted on hogewash: Donald Trump is a boorish person. I don’t believe that he is capable of properly exercising the kind of leadership required to be an effective President, and I...