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Trutta · 22h ago

Coffee & quotes

Thanks to my friends Anton and Allison for this oh so posh coffee drip filter thing which they gave me for my fiftieth. Very suave! I become philosophical when I drink coffee made in it.   A...
Trutta · 3d ago

Serendipitous connections

Back in August of 2016 I wrote this piece about a certain Capt HA Cartwright, his old fishing tackle which I happened to be keeping, and what I had discovered about the man on the internet. ...
Trutta · 1W ago

You are going to die

That’s what they said. They either said I would drown, or they just laughed at me. I figured I hadn’t drowned in the old tube in twenty something  years, and I don’t fish in groups big enoug...
Trutta · 1W ago

Photo of the moment (93)

Trutta · 1W ago

Conservation and dusty old books

Arnold Gingrich, in his book “The Joys of Trout”, said” “Today, if we hope to angle long, it’s much more important that the angler be concerned than that he be well equipped, or well versed,...
Trutta · 2W ago

Photo of the moment (92)

Trutta · 3W ago

101 years later

1916   2017 The top photo is taken from the book ”Trout fishing in South Africa” issued by the South African Railways in 1916. It is of the Mooi River near the Trout Bungalow, with the Kambe...
Trutta · 3W ago

Photo of the moment (91)

Trutta · 1M ago

Coffee & Quotes

This is good stuff.  Pricey, but out of the top drawer! For day to day stuff I am currently grinding “Zephyr” beans bought loose at Steampunk. That is a seriously good deal at R200/Kg. For d...
Trutta · 1M ago

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