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Trutta · 5d ago

Smoke. Rain. No mirrors

The donkey launched itself up onto the river bank and made its way to near the small circle of rocks that was our fireplace, where it stopped and awaited the unloading of the bundle of sehal...
Trutta · 1W ago

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Trutta · 3W ago

Coffee and quotes

I often grind some cardamom (elaichi) with my beans. It is something I read about, and which is not uncommon in the levant.  My local coffee shop once offered a “copperccino” , which claimed...
Trutta · 4W ago

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Trutta · 1M ago

The culture of repair meets the culture of sales

Me:  Hello Shiraz! Shiraz:  Bob. Me (puzzled): Shiraz….? Shiraz:  Bob. Me (incredulous):  You can’t be called Bob…you are wearing a taqiyah…Bob’s don’t wear those! You don’t get Muslims call...
Trutta · 1M ago

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Trutta · 1M ago

Coffee and quotes

“…… the old days anyone with a bucket or a milk can could get a load of fingerling trout and put then wherever he wanted to, and that the first plantings done by the Division of Wildlife...
Trutta · 1M ago

The ban on Broccoli

The South African department of environmental affairs is about to see to it that broccoli ceases to find its way onto dinner plates in South Africa, by listing it as invasive and requiring a...
Trutta · 1M ago

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Trutta · 2M ago

The ‘Off season’

When I was growing up in fly-fishing, as it were, our literature back then (we used to read things called books!) was interwoven with the concept of the closed season. It seems to me that th...