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Two French Bulldogs · 2d ago

Peeing In Style

I had to show you how my fatty Edward does pee pee. He is so low to the ground we crack up.I pretend I don't know himLily(& Edward)
Two French Bulldogs · 4d ago

Wordless Wednesday

Chicken legs $1.87 a poundLily (& Edward)
Two French Bulldogs · 5d ago

Red Dingo Pet Adventure Collar #chewyinfluencer

We are a influencer. We received no compensation for this post.We are helping spread the word about this cool Red Dingo Pet Adventure collar and This collar is super cool.A lot of thought went into each detail.The hardware is a b...
Two French Bulldogs · 6d ago

My Scary Leg Pain

As some of you knowI had back surgery twice and right leg surgery once.The other night I slept wrong.When I wake up, I stare at mom with glassy eyes.She knows I am in pain.I then drag my leg.It kills her to see me this way.In order to avoid the ER (w...
Two French Bulldogs · 1W ago


There is absolutely nothing wrong with voluntarily going to jailas long as you got the keyEdward (& Lily)
Two French Bulldogs · 1W ago


WednesdayLily (& Edward)
Two French Bulldogs · 1W ago

Happy Valentines Day

We are over in the kids play room causing K-OSSLove and peasLily & Edward
Two French Bulldogs · 1W ago

The Magic Carpet Ride

Lily & Edward
Two French Bulldogs · 2W ago

This Is How You Do It

Lily (& Edward)
Two French Bulldogs · 2W ago

Wordless Wednesday

So intenseEdward (& Lily)