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Two French Bulldogs · 10h ago

Alpha - America's Strong

We love this story about Alpha.A pooch at Stafford High Schoolthat not only helps a diabetic student AJ  by giving an alert when his levels are out of whack,but has a student I.D
Two French Bulldogs · 3d ago

Standing On Our Walks

We prefer to stand on our "walks."We like eavesdropping on conversations.We like to wait for people to pet us.Lily taught me to lay down too.Mom wonders what people think since we stand on o...
Two French Bulldogs · 5d ago

Wordless Wednesday

Lily (& Edward)
Two French Bulldogs · 1W ago

I Am 10 Years Old!!

It's my's my birthday...My Lily is 10.She is old so I need to take good care of her.I am planning a surprise pawrty for her next weekend.She doesn't know it.SnortsLily & Edward
Two French Bulldogs · 1W ago


Are you ready for the weekend!!
Two French Bulldogs · 1W ago

Throwback Thursday

14 weeks old and I'm still a monsterLily (& Edward)
Two French Bulldogs · 1W ago

Hay!!! Is For Horsies

Hay!!! Hay!!!!He didn't get my "Hay" jokeEdward(& Lily)
Two French Bulldogs · 1W ago

American Journey Oven Baked Treats #ChewyInfluencer

I received these goodies free of charge from in an exchange for my honest review.Once a pound of sent me oven baked grain-free treats.I screamed "open-open-open" myTreats!!They" are grain-free, crunchy snacks sure to please yo...
Two French Bulldogs · 2W ago

Ignoring Mom

You know who is calling me.I don't hear her.........I'll pretend I was playing with the ball.No, I don't he
Two French Bulldogs · 2W ago

Happy Mother's Day

we love mother.Have a wonderful dayLove and peas,Lily & Edward