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Upvise Blog · 8M ago

Edit Owner, Location and Date of Form

You can now edit the Owner, Date and Location of a Form on your mobile. Open the Form screen and … Continue reading →
Upvise Blog · 8M ago

Equipment App update : Dependent Equipment

We added new features to improve the usability of dependent / child equipment linked to a main equipment: You can … Continue reading →
Upvise Blog · 9M ago

Notification on submission of Public Forms

We have added an option in Public Forms where you can now specify an email to receive a notification each … Continue reading →
Upvise Blog · 10M ago

Tracking Previous Shipments in Packing Slips

You have prepared an Invoice with a list of Products ordered in various quantities. You start shipping products as soon … Continue reading →
Upvise Blog · 11M ago

Hide Completed Items in Calendar

We have added an option in the Calendar web app to hide Completed Items. In the Options menu, check “Do … Continue reading →
Upvise Blog · 1Y ago

External Job Request Form

We have introduced the following functionality in the Jobs app: A Job Request form is now available at a private … Continue reading →
Upvise Blog · 1Y ago

Insert existing Notes in a New Note

On Android, you can now insert text from an existing Note into a new note. Simply tap on the icon … Continue reading →
Upvise Blog · 1Y ago

Add Photos to Job products

You can no attach photo, files or scanned document to a Job product in the Upvise Jobs mobile app. This … Continue reading →
Upvise Blog · 1Y ago

Hide Product Item Price in Quotes & Invoices

You have now the option to hide individual price for product and service line items in a quote or invoice. … Continue reading →
Upvise Blog · 1Y ago

Weekend Labour Rate for Jobs App

We now support different labour rates for weekdays and weekends. To enable it : Go to Jobs web app Under … Continue reading →