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Urban sketchers Eskilstuna · 1d ago


Today, sketching inside the mail adventure/trekking shop in Eskilstuna, MestUte (i.e mostly outside).
Urban sketchers Eskilstuna · 1W ago


This sunny Tuesday our mission was to include cars in our urban sketches.Sven's!
Urban sketchers Eskilstuna · 2W ago


Today, we went to our university to sketch just about everything taking place during "högskoledagarna", i.e information/exhibition aimed at new students.
Urban sketchers Eskilstuna · 3W ago

Le Croissant!

A new restaurant/café in Eskilstuna!Great!We sketched it today!
Urban sketchers Eskilstuna · 4W ago

Kloster kyrka!

Today, we went to church!Here are today´s images!
Urban sketchers Eskilstuna · 1M ago


Today, sketching inside and outside the university library.
Urban sketchers Eskilstuna · 1M ago


Today, a sunny tuesday we had been invited to sketch in our city hall!Thanks for the invitation!(Today's technique: water colour, ink and crayons)Here are today's images.
Urban sketchers Eskilstuna · 1M ago

City hotell Eskilstuna

Today, only water colours were allowed!We went to the beautiful City Hotell, just close to the the train station.Sven's (From Parken Zoo)
Urban sketchers Eskilstuna · 1M ago

Crayon and pastel-day!

Today, we had decided to use only crayons or oil-pastels.We went to the city library.Here are today's images.
Urban sketchers Eskilstuna · 2M ago

Sketchcrawl, 28/1

Today is saturday, but this did not stop us from having a nice sort of a sketchcrawl i Eskilstuna City.First stop, espresso house!Post sketch meeting at the city library!Action photos? Yes, ...