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Urban Wildlife Guide Secret lives of urban animals, birds, and insects

English - Insects, Animals, Birds
Urban Wildlife Guide · 4d ago

Northern Shoveler Ducks

Here is a pair of northern shoveler ducks, Anas clypeata. The female is in front and the male behind. Shovelers are famous for their larger-than-duck-average bills, which are flattened on th...
Urban Wildlife Guide · 1W ago

New Neighbors

One gray squirrel in the maple tree hole. Click to enlarge. Wait ... there's two!
Urban Wildlife Guide · 2W ago

Happy Easter

Urban Wildlife Guide · 3W ago

Still Cold

I have a new set of extension tubes to use with my macro lens. I've been practicing with them inside. Today was going to be the day I'd take them out and shoot stunning photos of insect face...
Urban Wildlife Guide · 4W ago

Finding Spring

It's cold outside. There are still piles of snow out there. There's more snow predicted for Tuesday, the first day of spring. But walking around the neighborhood today I found abundant signs...
Urban Wildlife Guide · 1M ago

Another Snow Storm Coming?

Last week. And maybe again tomorrow. Click to enlarge. But winter won't last much longer. Helleborus and snowdrops are blossoming and spring officially arrives in just 9 days.  Here's an apt...
Urban Wildlife Guide · 1M ago

Beaver Dam

I was walking on a trail in a nature preserve in south Jersey the other day when I came to this sign. Closed by beaver you say? There was an orange warning finger, so I was definitely going ...
Urban Wildlife Guide · 1M ago

23 Days Until Spring

In 2012 I spotted this butterfly in New York City in March. Click on the photo above to enlarge it and see if you can spot the butterfly. Its color and shape matches almost exactly the pale ...
Urban Wildlife Guide · 1M ago

Eye to Eye

This is my cat, Chase. When she’s in bright sunlight her pupils are thin vertical slits. I recently read a paper by Martin Banks, et al. about the pupils of terrestrial animals and why they ...
Urban Wildlife Guide · 2M ago

Herringbone Root

I saw this while I was taking a walk yesterday. The root has grown through the cracks between the bricks in the sidewalk, turning at barriers and efficiently finding its way. I wonder how lo...