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Urban Wildlife Guide Secret lives of urban animals, birds, and insects

English - Insects, Animals, Birds
Urban Wildlife Guide · 1w ago


Shorebird identification can be challenging for new bird watchers. But one of the shorebirds, the long-legged pigeon-sized willet, Tringa semipalmata, helps out by obligingly shouting its na...
Urban Wildlife Guide · 2W ago

Black Skimmers

Black skimmer couples, Rynchops niger, are nesting now on New Jersey beaches. Sandy beaches with light vegetation like the one pictured are among their favorite places to nest. The nest is j...
Urban Wildlife Guide · 3W ago

Peacock Fly!

I was walking in Long Bridge Park in Burlington County, New Jersey, the other day. There are lots of wooden walkways over marshy spots on the trails. Whenever I walk on nature trail boardwal...
Urban Wildlife Guide · 4W ago

Happy Memorial Day!

Beverly National Cemetery in Beverly, New Jersey. Click to enlarge. Sleep the sleep that knows not waking, Dream of battled fields no more.    from Soldier Rest! Thy Warfare o'erby Sir Walte...
Urban Wildlife Guide · 1M ago

Lunch With the Crow

I've always had trouble photographing crows. They see me coming and despite my attempts to approach casually, they always pick up and leave before I get within snapping distance. So I was ig...
Urban Wildlife Guide · 1M ago

Happy Mother's Day

Urban Wildlife Guide · 1M ago

Coming Soon

I'm going to be in places without Internet service for a week or two, so I'm posting a preview of coming attractions. This crow is the subject of an upcoming blog -- maybe this Sunday but po...
Urban Wildlife Guide · 1M ago

Spring Flowers

"People from a planet without flowers would think we must be mad with joy the whole time to have such things about us." Iris Murdoch "Spring has returned. The Earth is like a child that know...
Urban Wildlife Guide · 2M ago


A song sparrow, Melospiza melodia, getting its feathers ruffled by the wind. For comfort about how cold and rainy it's been this month, a Portuguese proverb: A cold and moist April fills the...
Urban Wildlife Guide · 2M ago

Happy Easter