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Utah Children's Writers · 9M ago

Modern Middle-Grade Classics

This Thursday (May 11) the #mglitchat on Twitter will be about modern classics. If you want to join the discussion, hop on Twitter at 7 PM Mountain Time, 9:00 Eastern and search for #mglitch...
Utah Children's Writers · 10M ago

Great Deal! Scrivener 50% Off!

I'm popping in today to let you know about a great deal I found. For the next five days, Scrivener 2 is available from AndroidPit for $22.50 for Mac, half off the usual $45 price tag. For Wi...
Utah Children's Writers · 11M ago

Continuing the discussion

As you've no doubt noticed, posts have been scarce on our little blog recently. Our regular contributors have dropped off due to busy lives and, in some cases, the demands of the increasing ...
Utah Children's Writers · 1Y ago

Author website ideas

Because I need to redesign my own author site, I looked at several writers' sites to find ...
Utah Children's Writers · 1Y ago

The antagonist: Hero or villain?

In many stories, the antagonist may even be more important than your main character. Your main character cannot become sympathetic without an opposing force.The antagonist is more than just ...
Utah Children's Writers · 1Y ago

7 tips for writing fiction even if you think you’re not a writer

When I mention that I write, I often hear responses like:I’d like to write a book but I don’t know where to start.I’d like to write, but I never have any good ideas.I could never be a writer...
Utah Children's Writers · 1Y ago

Enneagram: Create Characters Based on Personality Types

Today I’m going to show you how to use personality tests to flesh out the people in your stories. My favorite system for this is the Enneagram.Image source: 
Utah Children's Writers · 1Y ago

Creating Reality in a Fictional Setting

Use available resources to create an imaginary place as real any you can actually find.One...
Utah Children's Writers · 1Y ago

Deep Philosophical Moment: Writing Is Like Life

Writing is like life.I don't mean that what you write is a reflection of life, or that writing means that you give life to ideas and make-believe people, or even that writing makes you feel ...
Utah Children's Writers · 1Y ago

Getchyer NaNo On

It’s time to get your NaNoWriMo on. I know, I know, it’s still early and you’re busy with other projects. But it’s out there, lurking, and the best way to succeed is to hit the ground runnin...