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Vera's log · 8M ago

Israel revisited

Back from the trip to Israel. Here are some observations (some of them just for myself, some could be useful for other tourists).It was a somewhat overwhelmingly social holiday, but it was a...
Vera's log · 1Y ago

Running a React Native Android app on a real dev device

Just tried to make a small Android demo app using ReactNative. The really hard part was JavaScript, but I am certainly not going give out any advice on that. The next hardest part was runnin...
Vera's log · 1Y ago

Old customs die hard

Conceptually, fighting for one's honor - for example fighting over an insult in a sausage kiosk line - is very close to trial by combat, and conscription in wartime is very close to human sa...
Vera's log · 1Y ago

Chungking Mansions

This time when I was planning a trip to Hong Kong I wanted a gritty ethnic experience, and decided to stay in the infamous Chungking Mansions. I had no idea how gritty and how ethnic that wo...
Vera's log · 1Y ago

A new culture of sexual harassment

I've been following the public debate on whether or not the Middle Eastern and African immigrants have brought with them a new culture of sexual harassment, with some people saying that yes,...
Vera's log · 1Y ago

Keeping the king's peace

In the wake of the New Year's eve's sexual assaults Vienna's police chief Gerhard Pürstl advised women not to go out on the streets at night alone, and said that they should avoid suspicious...
Vera's log · 1Y ago

The Great Infidel Holiday is here again

Merry Christmas!
Vera's log · 1Y ago

Happy Independence Day, Finland!

Good thing we got out of Russia when we did. Russia sucks. Lately more than usual.
Vera's log · 1Y ago

The truth is sometimes stranger than a teenage boy's sarcasm

As I have mentioned before, our geography teacher (in the USSR) once gave us the following speech:"Many people complain that we don't have enough trousers. Trousers, however, are not importa...
Vera's log · 1Y ago

What the hell are we doing?

The conversation about asylum seekers is getting more and more emotional on both sides, as the bodies are piling up. I am not much of a psychologist, but I suspect that part of what is makin...