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Verde Mama · 1M ago

Winter Wandering

Sometimes, on a moody Tuesday, you just know that getting out in nature and letting the children lead the way is a saving grace.
Verde Mama · 2M ago

2017 photo album

Here's the year-in-review photos that I included in the photo albums for the grandparents this year. Oh, my heart is full. These kiddos bring me joy and challenge me to grow as a person, bot...
Verde Mama · 4M ago

Glitter Slime

Some afternoons call for a batch of super-duper-stretchy-sparkly glitter slime. Ingredients:clear school glue (We used Elmer's)tubes of glitter glue (or fine glitter)food coloring (optional)...
Verde Mama · 4M ago

Some Days

Some days we wander in nature and some days we read tucked cozy in bed together. Some days we ask the big questions and dig deep for answers, other days we express our own creative natures. ...
Verde Mama · 4M ago

This Too Shall Pass, in retrospect

When I had only one child, I was sure that I had this parenting thing down. Not because she was an easy baby, she wasn't, but because I could either meet her needs or sympathize with her unh...
Verde Mama · 4M ago

October ~ Ordinary Days

Colorful moments in our ordinary and wonderful life ~ autumn leaves, love, a muddy dog, a countryside view, student tile art from my library art workshops, carschooling, a new knitting proje...
Verde Mama · 4M ago

Sept ~ Part V

Here we are in November already, so it must be time to finish blogging about September. I know I'm awfully sporadic in this space, but something keeps drawing me back anyway. I love our days...
Verde Mama · 5M ago

Sept ~ Part IV

A week's worth of unschooling and embracing life's simple moments and ordinary adventures...Sept. 17
Verde Mama · 5M ago

September ~ Part III

No words, just glimpses into some of our days. Life is good.Sept. 10
Verde Mama · 5M ago

September ~ Part II

Sept. 4Buckhorn State Park