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Verde Mama · 4d ago

Renaissance Faire

 We started September off with a delightful day trip to the Bristol Renaissance Faire. I had bought discount tickets earlier in the summer and we could no longer be too busy to make it happe...
Verde Mama · 2W ago

August off the Camera

sibling love ... or somethin'Sylvi ~ first day of Nature Nuts day campoff and runnin'
Verde Mama · 4d ago

graffiti mural

Given a chance to create street art in the community, we're all in!
Verde Mama · 2M ago

On turning 40...

I recently celebrated my fortieth birthday.I have had a few people tell me recently that I don't look 40, and maybe they mean it and maybe they're just being nice (and for the fact that they...
Verde Mama · 4M ago

May's days (in photos)

The following are random photos from our lives, May 1st through the 16th.I lead a weekly art workshop at the library where I work part-time. I love to see the inventiveness that happens here...
Verde Mama · 2M ago

Feb 21 - 28

Pics from a week in this unschooling life, including a 10th birthday!
Verde Mama · 2M ago

Feb 1-20

Let's, girl scout cookies, puzzles, more art (this time in the form of a weekly family art workshop that I run at the library), spinning magnet tiles, Stepping Stones book, an anat...
Verde Mama · 7M ago

Unschooling Concerns and Questions

(A blogpost in which I actually use my words ... followed by my usual long string of random photos)For the vast majority of human history, children have learned in their communities alongsid...
Verde Mama · 8M ago

ice, salt, and food coloring

In January our land is usually covered in a foot of snow, but this year we have seen a lot of rain and temperatures hovering right around the freezing point. This is the year that I learned ...
Verde Mama · 8M ago

2016 photo review

Every year as I put together photo albums for the grandmas for Christmas, I look over what we've done during the year and how we've changed and I remember how grateful I am for this life. He...