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Very Most Good · 1d ago

Bar Top Bar Talk

Because human isn’t good enoughWatches and instant replays and radio telemetrySoaring glass towers soaring for every seasonLet me help you with that and that and that a thousand times overIt...
Very Most Good · 6d ago

Make Sense of It / I Remember

Make sense of itI mean make some sense of itMaking senseMake make makeTrenton River train crossesTake your time but not too muchI rememberRemember when?Do you remember?Remember?We rememberI ...
Very Most Good · 1W ago

Yes Yes and You All and Good Night

Like a gun but dependentEvery word like flowers, that is both a noun and a verb, and flipping back and forth from singular to pluralRabbit-duck; old lady-young lady; vase-two profiles lookin...
Very Most Good · 1W ago

Some Things Small

Sums, tangents, strict adherenceTo vetted protocols, Corvettes of every statesStage managers stage managingLike Lords around ChristmastimeFellow follies fled failed nationsGrown great we thi...
Very Most Good · 1W ago

There Is a Dance

There is a bend in the roadThere is the final touch to a fine drinkThere is a candy bar all the way down lowOr a comb and some other something you lost track ofCalling back to your first fav...
Very Most Good · 3W ago

I See You There with Your Zero Fucks

And I’m the guy with all the fucksThere are so many great dams in the world generating so much power but the Hoover seems the only one I can name so picture itThose crazy power poles jutting...
Very Most Good · 3W ago

Can’t Always Be All Blue Skies

I’ve never had it in me to sleep all dayBut even with South Beach outside my door, I’m wishing I could in this funny little room with its tiled floor and honest-to-god murphy bed Yesterday t...
Very Most Good · 1M ago

Before You Find It

The first I know, there were partiesSometimes people holding hands across a measurePeople fanned out in the woodsA boy's backpack, an orphaned shoeGrids were inventedMaps were inventedCompas...
Very Most Good · 1M ago

Good night, Mr. Ashbery.

You made so much difference / You made so much different. Thanks.Location:Benoni Point Rd,Royal Oak,United States
Very Most Good · 1M ago

Everybody or Every Way

Every nameEvery angleThe stars in the sky and the planet EarthEvery night's rest and every corner of every roomYou'll get it togetherRefresh, refresh, refreshFresh, fresher, freshestWhat do ...