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Victor A. Bueno M. · 1Y ago

Where to go?

Where to go?Light's greenBut where to go?My way is freeBut I don't knowI'm drawingWith my stepsAn invitationFor you to comeMay be we can meetAnd draw with our stepsIn the streets and corrido...
Victor A. Bueno M. · 1Y ago

So take good care of you

So take good care of youGreyish clouds behindEarth is nothing moreThan an error belowAnd you are aloneReally aloneYou are bombing some one elseThat's your dutyMeanwhile your soulIs going back to the sunAnother timeIn Modern timesYou designate targets...
Victor A. Bueno M. · 1Y ago


AloneA road and me with my self  Someway I'll obtainSomething to eat and drinkThe warrior poet and saintInside this body too tightWill find a place to restFull of feelings and thoughtsTo washout and wasteHungry of love and pain againAn ominous cloud ...
Victor A. Bueno M. · 2Y ago

Caribbean Skies

Caribbean SkiesNothing so far from iceEven if sometimes you can seeAt noon the whitish of seaThe salt comes from the sweatOf a drunken dark skinnedHappy dancing crowd