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Vintage Goodness · 8M ago

Broken Pyrex & Corning Ware Jewelry Is A Thing On Etsy – And I Want ALL Of It!

You guys, check this out: THERE IS BROKEN PYREX AND CORNING WARE JEWELRY ON ETSY. Why have I never seen this before? Should my vintage geek card be immediately revoked? I... Read more »
Vintage Goodness · 10M ago

My Favorite 2016 Vintage Finds!

I didn’t do any haul posts in 2016, or any newly listed posts. So, I figured I had better ...
Vintage Goodness · 1Y ago

Giveaway Time – Vintage Goodness is now on Redbubble!

GIVEAWAY IS OVER – Congratulations Becky! :) FINALLY I get to announce the newest addition...
Vintage Goodness · 1Y ago

Featured Collectible – Bartlett Collins Glass Cookie Jars

Photo by Everything Modern on Etsy For whatever reason, I don’t think I have ever seen a B...
Vintage Goodness · 1Y ago

New Goodness On Etsy – Vintage National Dairy Council School Posters!

So I found a set of vintage National Dairy Council school posters a while ago. Quite a whi...
Vintage Goodness · 1Y ago

Let’s Start A Trend! Vintage Wooden Animal Figurines

Alligator photo by Guest Of The Past on Etsy Ceramic animal figurines get love. Brass anim...
Vintage Goodness · 1Y ago

Featured Collectible – Howard Pierce Ceramics

Girl With Flowers Figurine – Photo by Lem’s Lark Basement A couple of weeks ago I picked u...
Vintage Goodness · 1Y ago

Blogging Hiatus Is OVER! Kinda, Sorta… I Have A Plan!

I’m back! I missed you! I never really knew how much of the “fun” in my business was actually tied to blogging until I didn’t let myself do it anymore…... Read more »
Vintage Goodness · 1Y ago

New on Etsy – Vintage Motivational Posters To Color!

I listed the CUTEST set of vintage Beverly Johnston motivational posters from 1979 in my Etsy shop – they are done in red and black only, so you can color... Read more »
Vintage Goodness · 1Y ago

Keepin’ It Real – The State Of Vintage Goodness – 2016 Edition

First up – the obligatory apology for not posting much lately. “Not posting much” might be...