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Vintage Seance · 9M ago

What Happened to the Wonder

Going along with my previous post about movies in our ever-constant CGI era, I was happy to browse on Pumpkin Rot's blog: What's Brewing, to find a recent and relative post discussing  pract...
Vintage Seance · 10M ago

Terror or Terrible Ideas?

"You unlock this door with the key of imagination, behind it is another dimension. A dimension of commercialism. A dimension of carelessness. A dimension of disappointment. You are moving in...
Vintage Seance · 10M ago

Who's The Baddest Witch In Town?

What better way to celebrate Friday the 13th than adopting a Halloween-colored kitten?! Meet Fiona. Fiona Goode, of course. My little Supreme. 
Vintage Seance · 11M ago

Who Wants Butterbeer?!

 The Wizarding World of Harry Potter has officially opened at Universal Studios Hollywood!     Out of all of the circulating videos introducing us Californians to the magic, this is the one ...
Vintage Seance · 11M ago

Funnies: Faceswap

My best friend, and co-producer on Avery Parrish Thieves, Lily, posted this yesterday. Literally laughed out loud.  
Vintage Seance · 11M ago

Goodies and Gifts

    While recently browsing through my favorite Etsy artists, I gladly visited Dame Darcy's shop. Over the years this artist has been one of my biggest inspirations when it comes to the rare...
Vintage Seance · 1Y ago

Rod Serling; A Man of Meaning

         Been watching some of my favorite The Twilight Zone episodes lately, and it got me thinking about Rod Serling and all of his genius. I found this interesting Mike Wallace interview ...
Vintage Seance · 1Y ago

Missing My Trouble

    A few days before this last Halloween, we had to put my precious kitty cat Trouble to sleep. Not sure why I waited so long to post about it, but I've just been missing her so much today,...
Vintage Seance · 1Y ago

Jack O'Lantern Leads the Way

Is it Halloween time yet?by Jean-Baptiste Monge, from Halloween 1996More of Monge's Work 
Vintage Seance · 1Y ago

Actual Gallows Hill

Image Source                Not too long ago (probably back in 2012 or so) I saw an interesting documentary that I'm no longer able to find. It was about Salem, and the search for the actual...