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Virginia Allain · 2M ago

Patting Myself on the Back

I keep a folder labeled “Compliments” in my email files. When I get a message where someone says kind things about me, I save a copy in that folder. Now and then when I need an ego boost, I ...
Virginia Allain · 4M ago

Another Blogger in the Family

Lovers of good food will love the blog: Source: Another Blogger in the Family
Virginia Allain · 7M ago

Not the A to Z Blog

Follow my blog with Bloglovin If you followed my avatar here looking for my April A to Z Challenge, then I have led you astray. This year, I’m featuring my mother’s memory blog for the chall...
Virginia Allain · 8M ago

Trump Is Destroying America and His Supporters Don’t Care

People dismiss Facebook as all fluff and inconsequential chit chat. Since I frequent many political groups I find some insight that you don’t always get from television news channels or the ...
Virginia Allain · 11M ago

My Library Career

When I talk to people about my career as a librarian, a surprising number say “I always wanted to be a librarian.” I’m not sure they have a realistic concept of what a librarian does. It’s h...
Virginia Allain · 1Y ago

Thanksgiving and Politics – Difficult Decisions

It’s hard to tamp down the overheated rhetoric of this ever-so-divisive election. Suddenly, the holidays are upon us and we aren’t even sure if we can bear to spend a whole day with certain ...
Virginia Allain · 1Y ago

Don’t Take Bernie’s Voters for Granted

One of the reasons that this election has me on tenterhooks is not knowing how the vote will split among the 4 candidates. The media focuses mainly on the two traditional parties, Democratic...
Virginia Allain · 1Y ago

Escaping to LaChance

If you’re in Missouri in the autumn, take the chance to tour some wineries. It makes a lovely outing with friends as you drive the country roads enjoying the colorful scenery. We were slight...
Virginia Allain · 1Y ago

Facebook + Amazon = $$$

Free ebooks seldom paid off in sales, as I wrote about in yesterday’s post. I then tried featuring some that weren’t free by presenting them to special interest groups I belong to on Faceboo...
Virginia Allain · 1Y ago

Sharing Amazon Books on Facebook

My online writing friends and I share anecdotes on how tough it is to make sales on various websites. Most of us are Amazon affiliates and a variety of other affiliates as well. Sites like S...