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Viridis Lumen · 3d ago

The Twin Pillars of Survival: What is the Green Party For?

"We cannot tackle climate change unless we address the system that has caused it," John Mc...
Viridis Lumen · 2M ago

IT CAN'T HAPPEN HERE - The Last Lament of the Liberals

Viridis Lumen · 2M ago

No Business on a Dead Planet

London Morning - our carbonated capital The Government's announcement today that it is ban...
Viridis Lumen · 3M ago

Thatcher's Children

Viridis Lumen · 4M ago

Theresa May vs People

The British General Election has entered an unexpected phase for the Tories - weak and wob...
Viridis Lumen · 5M ago

Comrade Corbyn's Last Chance

Labour's losses in yesterday's local elections came as little surprise; and nor for anyone reflecting on how our first-past-the -post voting system works was the collapse of UKIP to just one...
Viridis Lumen · 6M ago

War of the First Resort

"Old men make wars. Young men fight them."The quote is attributed rightly or wrongly to Ei...
Viridis Lumen · 6M ago

Your Employment Is At Risk

As the Green Party votes on its approach to Brexit, some thoughts on what the real priorit...
Viridis Lumen · 7M ago

The Day Women Changed The World

Viridis Lumen · 7M ago

Guest Post: Socialism and Identity Politics - Dr Simeon Scott

Bradford academic, Labour Party and Momentum member Dr Simeon Scott on where social class sits in socialist thinking on intersectionality as the party faces the future.