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Viridis Lumen · 9h ago

Theresa May vs People

The British General Election has entered an unexpected phase for the Tories - weak and wob...
Viridis Lumen · 2W ago

Comrade Corbyn's Last Chance

Labour's losses in yesterday's local elections came as little surprise; and nor for anyone reflecting on how our first-past-the -post voting system works was the collapse of UKIP to just one...
Viridis Lumen · 1M ago

War of the First Resort

"Old men make wars. Young men fight them."The quote is attributed rightly or wrongly to Ei...
Viridis Lumen · 1M ago

Your Employment Is At Risk

As the Green Party votes on its approach to Brexit, some thoughts on what the real priorit...
Viridis Lumen · 2M ago

The Day Women Changed The World

Viridis Lumen · 2M ago

Guest Post: Socialism and Identity Politics - Dr Simeon Scott

Bradford academic, Labour Party and Momentum member Dr Simeon Scott on where social class sits in socialist thinking on intersectionality as the party faces the future.
Viridis Lumen · 3M ago

Callous Capitalism; or The Land With Three Empty Homes For Every Person Without A Home

Your brother? Your son? Your daughter? You? In the days when capitalism truly is dead and ...
Viridis Lumen · 6M ago

Trump's Cardinal

Unlikely recount changes notwithstanding, Donald Trump will take office as President of the UnitedSteve Bannon in 2010States at the end of January. In the days since the election, his team has been taking shape almost as chaotically as his ducking an...
Viridis Lumen · 6M ago

Nigel Farage Goes to Washington

President-Elect of the USA, Donald Trump, has tweeted that he thinks his friend and fellow...
Viridis Lumen · 6M ago

The Free Trade Delusion

Since the UK Brexit referendum result and Trump's win in the US Presidential election, the...