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Virtual London · 2W ago

Sun’s New Dance Craze

The post Sun’s New Dance Craze appeared first on Virtual London News.
Virtual London · 1M ago

Easter Egg Hunt – Winners today!

Easter Egg Hunt on today – win Lindens! Each day running up to Easter, you can win $50 Lindens for just clicking on Easter Eggs. This month is in preparation for the Grand Finale Hunt on Eas...
Virtual London · 2M ago

St Patrick’s Day Hunt in London

St Patrick’s HUNT in London The patron saint of Ireland came into London and dropped his clover leaves all over Hyde Park. Whatever are we to do to clean them all up? So someone on the Londo...
Virtual London · 2M ago

50 Shades of YAY come to London!

50 Shades of YAY Throughout March March is traditionally a month of madness and mayhem. This march London decided to put of an extravaganza of awesomeness instead. So kick out the Mad March ...
Virtual London · 2M ago

Woodstock Music Mecca in London

Woodstock in London London enjoyed a whole month of ‘Music through the Ages’. Woodstock was one of the main events of the month, with musicians and DJs playing Woodstock hits for everyone. T...
Virtual London · 2M ago

Sun’s Rezday Celebrations continue

Sun Celebrates being 5 Last weekend was Sun’s rezday weekend. We couldn’t let this time go by without a tribute to Sun. I’m sure many of you know Sun as she has been part of the furniture fo...
Virtual London · 2M ago

New Energy Technologies and Alternative Energy Discussion

New Energy Technologies and Alternative Energy Discussion New Energy Technologies are big news so find out how to benefit from the coming changes. Be at the event on 2nd March at 11am PST (S...
Virtual London · 3M ago


TDDI Productions and The London Sims presented Linkin Park Tribute Band to Hyde Park Friday February 17 @ 6pm slt. Although not many showed, we still had an amazing night. Outstanding lights...
Virtual London · 3M ago

LKR Glow comes to Virtual London

Walking around the streets of London, you’ll come across many shops selling all types of items, catering for all sorts of users. Our shops range from the sophisticated to cheeky and LKR Glow...
Virtual London · 3M ago

Don’t miss the dance

Dont miss the Masked Valentine Ball i’ll be there will you? &nbsp The post Don’t miss the dance appeared first on Virtual London News.