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Viv 'd Dreamer · 21h ago

The Final Apple

Four days and three nights Kerygma Retreat in St Francis Xavier Retreat Centre.  I surrendered my phone during the retreat and finally I can use it now.  During the retreat, I met people who...
Viv 'd Dreamer · 4d ago

Are We Petrified of the Scarecrow?

See you in the fields Stargazing and holding hands Dishing out the seeds of love Why are we stuck here? Why no one spill the beans? Indeed, we’re no different  Like the crows and sparrows Te...
Viv 'd Dreamer · 5d ago

God Has His Plans

Eight months ago, days after my birthday, a storm hit me.  How could I utter adieu to something and people I cared and loved? I was dragged on the stage to sing-a-long but I couldn’t force m...
Viv 'd Dreamer · 6d ago

Through the Dandelions

I closed my eyes and made a sincere wish from my heart.  Whispering the words that only God could hear. No more why or why not, just simply acknowledging what I truly felt. In my silence, I ...
Viv 'd Dreamer · 1w ago

Why do you have to be rude?

Last day of class and a tedious practice for our graduation’s presentation, of which the idea and remix were courtesy to me.  Afterwards, was an hour waiting for a friend whom I’ve never see...
Viv 'd Dreamer · 1W ago

In His Time

Thursday, 💔😭    I questioned my archangels    I doubted my prayers were heard    Is the Blessed Mother really there?    Then, I challenged the Almighty     And to Jesus, I gave my conditions...
Viv 'd Dreamer · 1W ago

When Doves Cry

Glued to my bed at the crack of dawn Isn’t it Saturday? Are the children waiting? Nope, today is Friday the thirteen! Will I be unlucky or will I cry? No way, I choose happiness… If I am dow...
Viv 'd Dreamer · 2W ago

We Are Wild Ones

To tell you honestly, I am not always been the goody two shoes and zealous to God.  I am imperfect for I am a sinner too.  After all, only saints don’t sin.  In other words, I committed seve...
Viv 'd Dreamer · 2W ago

Will You Fall from Grace?

Father, I always wonder why there are people who at times misunderstood my purpose? I already accepted the loudness of my voice.  Why can’t others do too?  Should I keep quiet when it’s all ...
Viv 'd Dreamer · 3W ago

Wake Me Up When September Ends

I AM READY! THIS IS IT, Lord!  This is it!!!  By Green Day ‘Wake Me Up When September Ends’. My favourite jam last timeFiled under: A Piece of my Mind