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English · 1Y ago

Larry changes my cardio –or– Larry thinks I need to run

Those who know me know Larry. Those that don’t know me — This is Larry. Don’t be fooled. He’s a handful. For non-boxer people: Imagine a cute 10 week old puppy. Put that energy into a 75 pou... · 1Y ago

A journey of a thousand miles. . .

. . .begins with a single step. I am taking those first crucial steps. While this post is short, there is more to come. I am finally embarking on something I’ve always wanted to do and more ... · 1Y ago

Ethics Class

Happy New Year to my six return readers. 🙂 I have made several serious decision but the biggest is to finish my degree. It only took a mere twenty-five years for me to listen to my mother an... · 1Y ago

Two weeks and one day

Official fitness journey …. two weeks and one day in. I found the best picture for this path I’m on: More to come. Down 12.4 pounds. Workouts completed (all from The FIRM Workout): Time Crun... · 1Y ago

Snore Abuse or I really need to be able to hear you sleeping gawdamit

  WELL last night I could NOT fall asleep….. At midnight I was mad and then I realized that Hub was either dead or had hit a magic spot on his tower of pillow because he was still and utterl... · 1Y ago

TYOH – Military Wives

Let’s continue with the Year of Honesty (TYOH). It is difficult to know a hero. When you realize that is what you are looking at and try to wrap your mind around being that selfless….that br... · 1Y ago

The Year of Honesty – 2015

I have (and hate) to admit it but Patricia Arquette is the catalyst for this post. First, congrats on your Oscar, honey. I *loved* you in True Romance. I mean it was fucking awesome. But you... · 1Y ago

I Dream Insanely ~or~ Scientific REM Comedy

As if I needed any additional reasons to consider having an entire team of mental health professionals looking after me, I’ve begun to have these hilarious dreams that seem to like to involv... · 1Y ago


Hub and I have conversation that border on insane. Randomly unnecessary conversations that include actual information that may or may not be good for either of us. ME:  Do you have ten secon... · 1Y ago


OK so…. We bought our couch and it is one of those in 3 sections that hook together w/ a curved part in the middle and there are recliners on both ends but we misjudged how frakking big it w...