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The gun people problem

“D-uh, gun control laws can’t ever make a difference because criminals are always going to break the law, duh yup-yup.”It needs to be sharply, federally illegal to sell firearms or ammo to u... · 2M ago

Health issues! Gesundheit...

Friends everywhere, who must by now be wondering:  Shawn has been under the weather *under* the weather, since about mid-October.  Finally decidedly on the mend, she's sure to resume soon, s... · 5M ago

Wait!! What about October...?

It's always been a favorite month of mine, with my husband's birthday (always a low key affair, but one of these days...) and our Bluebonnet Wedding celebration anniversary, the leaves acros... · 6M ago

Oh Nine Oh Nine Oh Nine

Shawn and I have more than one anniversary date to celebrate, having online documented  inaugural moments like the first “I love you” and marking a romantic milestone with Will You Marry Me ... · 6M ago

I think we've come a ways.... · 6M ago

These days... seems like I'm never sure things will be as I expect.  Things are going along fine, as far as I am concerned, but then in a flash it's all turned upside down, spilled out and stomped o... · 7M ago

What was I thinking?

Right now, I could probably write for miles. I won't.  I've erased much of what was posted here and will spare you everything but this hello.I like this picture that my nephew E said I could... · 7M ago

I kinda wish we'd...

...have skipped July altogether. You know, try as you might, your attempt at keeping an even keel (what is that, anyway?) and wanting a normal routine,  peaceable coexistence at home with ev... · 8M ago

I'm awake...

...and I'm mad.Good manners.  It's always been important to me to remember the little ditty my mother (the one who reared me, not the bio mother who deserted me without ever looking at me) -... · 9M ago

June sneaked up on me and... wouldn't believe what's been going on at the Love Shack. Earlier today I heard someone say that it wasn't a good idea to let yesterday's disappointments dictate tomorrow's decisions.O...