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Wanstead Birder · 9h ago


Family trip to Madrid at the weekend a great success. More later.
Wanstead Birder · 2d ago

The last Thrasher

One of the birds I was most anticipating in California was the California Thrasher. I've seen Brown Thrasher in New York and Georgia, Long-billed in Texas, Sage in Washtington and Azizona, a...
Wanstead Birder · 4d ago

California I'm coming home

Just a taster tonight – I have been somewhat over-extended and have yet to go through any photos from what was unanimously declared by my kids to the best holiday ever. We went to Californ...
Wanstead Birder · 4d ago

A (very) quick trip to Alicante

How much birding can I get done in a day in Spain? Well, quite a lot as it happens....LogisticsA one day trip in mid-November with James H.BA flights from LGW to Alicante for the princely su...
Wanstead Birder · 1W ago

Bird Quiz Results

OK, results time. Sip = Song Thrush Siiiiiiiiii = Redwing Je-je = Redpoll Chuck chuck = Fieldfare Chup = Linnet Seeeeep = Siskin Chack chack chack = Ring Ouzel Zherck = Brambling Jupp = Cha...
Wanstead Birder · 1W ago

Bird quiz homework

Good evening ClassA little test for you today. Please write down what ten UK birds you think make the following calls.SipSiiiiiiiiiiJe-jeChuck chuckChup
Wanstead Birder · 1W ago


It is slowing down, I can feel it. The last three days have been shadows of what went before, and soon my enthusiasm will wane. Another Hawfinch (see how casually I am able to mention that?)...
Wanstead Birder · 2W ago

Misty Morning Hop

Bit of a change yesterday. Whilst I did hear a Brambling and some Linnets, mostly I piddled about with my camera in some simply glorious light as the sun came up on a misty Wanstead Flats. I...
Wanstead Birder · 2W ago

The dead months

My patch dedication has been pretty peerless recently – many early morning starts to ensure I can get as much in as possible before I am forced to drag myself to Canary Wharf. It is gettin...
Wanstead Birder · 2W ago

Patch Stats Update

God I am loving the local birding at the moment, there is expectation and mostly interest every single day. Today was the turn of Bullfinch to find its way onto my patch year list, a species...