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Jean Bailey

Reads about: templates, digital scrapbooking, psp, life, family

Trish Schaffer

Reads about: scrap kits, tutorials, tags, scrapkits, scrapbooking

Lynne Ferdinando My name is DerikaLena aka Lena Creations, but most know me by the name Lynne.
I am a tagger by day ...

Reads about: tags, scraps, tutorials, art, templates

Tasha Hostetler

Reads about: freebies, tutorials, tags, digital scrapbooking, templates

Mariel Karina Varron...

Reads about: iiustracion, digital scrapbooking, printables, tubes, scrap

Lisa Auty

Reads about: psp, tutorials, tags, tuts, scrapkits

Crystals Creation

Reads about: scrap kits, scrapbooking, blog trains, tags, freebies

Jenny Pierce

Reads about: freebies, scrap kits, digital scrapbooking, tutorials, scrapkits

Melissa Williams

Reads about: scrap kits, scrapbooking, blog trains, tags, digi scrapping

Katherine Stpierre

Reads about: tutorials, templates, tags, freebies, scraps

Ann Montgomery

Reads about: freebies, digital scrapbooking, scrap kits, scrapkits, tutorials

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