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We make money not art · 4d ago

Photography and its ghostly footprints

The combination of the qualities of the positive photographic paper and the impossibility to fully control the oddly staged happenings evokes 19th century’s attempts to photographically capture paranormal activities
We make money not art · 5d ago

Activestills. Photography as Protest in Palestine/Israel

In 2005, a group of photographers took a stand alongside the people of the small town of Bil’in, and documented their fight to stop the Israeli government building the infamous West Bank Barrier. Inspired by what they had seen in Bil’in, the group we...
We make money not art · 1W ago

Watching You Watching Me. A Photographic Response to Surveillance

An exhibition at BOZAR in Brussels explores the intersection between photography and surveillance. Employing a dynamic range of approaches—from documentary to conceptual practice, from appropriation to street art—these 10 artists provide a satellite-...
We make money not art · 3W ago

Disappearing Legacies: The World as Forest

The exhibition gathers contemporary artworks as well as zoological and botanical objects t...
We make money not art · 3W ago

Palm oil, peatfires, Nutella and the anthropocene

Disappearing Legacies: The World as a Forest, an exhibition currently open at the Zoologic...
We make money not art · 1M ago

Artists explore the ethical aspects of commercial DNA ancestry testing

Ancestry DNA testing has been widely embraced as a new way to understand our identity. But...
We make money not art · 1M ago

Inside Private Prisons. An American Dilemma in the Age of Mass Incarceration

Based on Lauren-Brooke Eisen’s work as a prosecutor, journalist, and attorney at policy think tanks, Inside Private Prisons blends investigative reportage and quantitative and historical research to analyze privatized corrections in America
We make money not art · 1M ago

Artissima 2017: Butts, superheroes and flaccid guns

Part 2 of my cursory review of the Artissima art fair which took place in Turin back in early November. Yesterday, i talked photos, today will be a rapid fire of paintings, drawings, installations, etc. In no particular order and with as little comme...
We make money not art · 1M ago

Artissima 2017: A quick run through some of my favourite photo works

I don’t normally write about art fairs but Artissima usually introduces me to so many new ...
We make money not art · 1M ago

SOS Brutalism. A Global Survey

Some 100 contributors document around 120 key buildings from this period, including many previously unpublished discoveries that are in acute danger of loss through neglect of intended demolition. Moreover, the book features overviews of brutalism in...