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We make money not art · 2d ago

Presumed Guilty: stereotypes of female criminals

An exhibition in Paris explores how women have been judged according to different sets of ...
We make money not art · 5d ago

Critical investigation into the politics of the interface. An interview with Joana Moll

Joana is an artist and a researcher whose work critically explores the way post-capitalist...
We make money not art · 1w ago

Culture Jamming. Activism and the Art of Cultural Resistance

Featuring original essays from prominent media scholars discussing Banksy and Shepard Fairey, foundational texts such as Mark Dery’s culture jamming manifesto, and artwork by and interviews with noteworthy culture jammers including the Guerrilla Girl...
We make money not art · 1W ago

Painting on and painting off ISIS propaganda

Navine G. Khan-Dossos‘ painting series Expanding and Remaining is looking at the Dabiq magazine under a whole new perspective. Eschewing the indoctrinating articles and apocalyptic illustrations, the artist stripped back the pages of their content an...
We make money not art · 1W ago

Vote now for the net-based art award 2017

Since last year, HeK, the House of Electronic Arts in Basel and Swiss art magazine Kunstbu...
We make money not art · 2W ago

Rendezvous with the CCTV operator

Finding the Operator presents the documentation of a series of attempts to find out who th...
We make money not art · 2W ago

The Funambulist Nº10: Architecture & Colonialism

Colonialism is not an era, it is a system of military/police, legal, administrative, social, and cultural system of domination; and, architecture is not (only) an aesthetic vessel, it is an apparatus organizing and hierarchizing bodies in space
We make money not art · 2W ago

Harvesting the Rare Earth

A speculative near-future scenario, where mining companies are using genetically modified ...
We make money not art · 2W ago

Artefact: are technology and magical thinking really incompatible?

It seems that humans have an inherent need for the unaccountable and the illogical. That’s why progresses in science and technology have often been accompanied by the arrival or renewal of p...
We make money not art · 3W ago

Artefact festival: Magic and politics

Artefact: The Act of Magic explores how we can understand magic and the magical in contemp...