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We make money not art · 7h ago

The Phylogenetic Atelier: Would your wear clothes made of the skin of de-extinct species?

With this installation, critical and speculative scenario designer Tina Gorjanc is asking ...
We make money not art · 3d ago

Gaming Masculinity. Trolls, Fake Geeks, and the Gendered Battle for Online Culture

Paying close attention to practices of trolling and making memes, Megan Condis demonstrates that, despite the supposedly disembodied nature of life online, performances of masculinity are still afforded privileged status in gamer culture. Even worse,...
We make money not art · 6d ago

Vapour Meat: a helmet to vape the essence of ‘clean meat’

Animals that fake their appearance to blend in their surrounding and attract their prey, p...
We make money not art · 2W ago

A bodily experience of man-made earthquakes

The interactive installation invites “deep listening” within the body but also offers us a...
We make money not art · 2W ago

Handbook of Tyranny: a guide to everyday cruelties

The book portrays the routine cruelties of the twenty-first century through a series of detailed non-fictional graphic illustrations. None of these cruelties represent extraordinary violence – they reflect day-to-day implementation of laws and regula...
We make money not art · 3W ago

K-9_topology, on the human/ dog co-evolution. An interview with Maja Smrekar

Maja Smrekar has spent the past few years investigating human/dog/wolf co-evolution, co-ha...
We make money not art · 1M ago What does it mean to own someone else’s DNA data?

What are the consequences of owning someone else’s DNA data? How does this influence the s...
We make money not art · 1M ago

Politics of Design: critical positions from FH Potsdam

As its name suggest, the show aimed to demonstrate that design can play an important role ...
We make money not art · 1M ago

Book review: Nonhuman Photography

Today, in the age of CCTV, drones, medical body scans, and satellite images, photography is increasingly decoupled from human agency and human vision. In Nonhuman Photography, Joanna Zylinska offers a new philosophy of photography, going beyond the h...
We make money not art · 1M ago

Tomorrow’s tailor-made cows

Artist Maria McKinney uses 'semen straws' to explore genetics in cattle breeding as well as the hidden systems beneath beef and milk production