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We make money not art · 1d ago

Book review: We Can’t Stop Thinking About The Future

Artist Aleksandra Mir interviews scientists about technological innovations, politics of outer space, the place of the humanities in research and imagined futures that already affect our lives
We make money not art · 2d ago

The scars left by electronic culture on indigenous lands

Informed by several years of research in the Australian outback desert, It Was Like Experi...
We make money not art · 5d ago

Alchemy. The Great Art

The exhibition explores the enduring influence of alchemy over art. The alliance between the two fields is an intimate one: both art and alchemy are about creation, both rely on experimentat...
We make money not art · 1W ago

Gamma Sense. Open, fast and free gamma radiation monitoring for citizens

The aim of the gamma-radiation project, is to develop an emergency-infrastructure that can...
We make money not art · 2W ago

Work it, Feel it! New mechanisms of body discipline

Work it, feel it! is dedicated to the work of the future and the future of work. The exhibition focuses on the demands placed on the human body and its possibilities to act, as seen against the backdrop of an increasingly automated workplace. What ar...
We make money not art · 2W ago

MOMENTUM 9: A case for user-alienating design

The reason why i wanted to write about the website of MOMENTUM 9 the Nordic Biennial of Co...
We make money not art · 3W ago

The Museum of NonHumanity

Throughout history, declaring a group to be nonhuman or subhuman has been an effective too...
We make money not art · 3W ago

Allan Wexler – Absurd Thinking: Between Art and Design

Allan Wexler's works can be broadly described as tactile poetry composed by re-framing the...
We make money not art · 3W ago

MOMENTUM9. Maybe none of this is science fiction

Alienation represents a potential to expand the horizons of our current lives, to think an...
We make money not art · 4W ago

MOMENTUM9 – “Alienation is our contemporary condition”

Momentum 9, The Nordic Biennial of Contemporary Art, opened a few days ago in Moss, Norway...