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By The People - Fairfield CA · 10h ago

Start an Online Business: Sole Proprietor, Corporation Or Limited Liability Company?

Who Is This Article For?First, let's identify for whom this article is written. This arti...
By The People - Fairfield CA · 1d ago

3 Reasons to Incorporate Your Business

Nina Kaufman on when it makes sense to incorporate your startup company.
By The People - Fairfield CA · 3d ago

How to Form an LLC - A Simple, Straightforward Guide

Forming an LLC (Limited Liability Company) is not as complicated as most people think. Whi...
By The People - Fairfield CA · 5d ago

Why You Need a Durable Power of Attorney Now!

Planning for unfortunate events such as serious illness or injury is rarely on anyone's l...
By The People - Fairfield CA · 6d ago

3 Positive Points of Starting an LLC

When you start a business you will have to sift through the variety of options that are av...
By The People - Fairfield CA · 1w ago

Benefits of an LLC For Rental Property Owners

Rental property owners are entrepreneurs. And as entrepreneurs, their primary goal is to ...
By The People - Fairfield CA · 1W ago

Power of Attorney - What Are the Options?

Business or personal matters often require giving power of attorney (abbreviated as POA) ...
By The People - Fairfield CA · 1W ago

Over 100 Legal Document Services at By the People

Rene of By the People in Fairfield CA gives a short overview of their services and the number of legal documents they can help with. For questions, call Rene or Tammy at 707-428-9871 and you...
By The People - Fairfield CA · 1W ago

Understanding the Difference Between a Will and a Living Trust

When planning for the future of your children as you get older, there are a few options o...
By The People - Fairfield CA · 1W ago

FAQs - Know More About DUI Record Expungement and Get Your Life Back on Track

Most states in the US allow DUI record expungement. Expunging your DUI arrest or conviction record eliminates all the consequences it has in your life and helps getting your life back on tra...