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Weak and Loved A mother, a sinner, a child, covered in the blood of Christ, rejoicing in His daily gifts
Weak and Loved · 3W ago

rain snapshot

I am leaving school after a parent meeting. There’s an evening list waiting for me and I am not excited. Also, it’s pouring; I need to brace myself before I head out in the rain. Deep brea...
Weak and Loved · 1M ago


"If life is a story, how then shall we live?It isn’t complicated (just hard).Take up your life and follow Him. Face trouble. Pursue it. Climb it. Smile at its roar like a tree planted by cool water even when your branches groan, when your golden leav...
Weak and Loved · 1M ago


Yesterday the little two got out the train while I folded the laundry. They tried but couldn’t quite set it up; I pulled myself away from the tasks and connected tracks for a bit, even makin...
Weak and Loved · 1M ago


We took a trip down the Platt River with the Rozegnals. (My dad's siblings and family)That...
Weak and Loved · 2M ago

Messes, new and old!

This is me, still trying to embrace the messes that come with life,with CHILDREN, in the summer!it always helps to view them through the lens of a camera!Buying a puppy definitely requires embracing mess... but isn't he just the cutest?
Weak and Loved · 2M ago

Looking for home

Today's post was written by my dear friend, Katie Jo Otte.  I love her reflections about "home," and the ways it changes over the years. What comes to mind when you think of "Home?" How has ...
Weak and Loved · 2M ago

tired but alive

That look on Seth’s face; it’s the same one Josh had that time we rented four wheelers and he took me on those trails that were MUCH more intense than either of us expected… that edge-of-danger sparkle, “can’t you feel it? we’re ALIIIIVE!” And his mo...
Weak and Loved · 4M ago

The Sheepfold (guest post)

The Sheepfold-- Pastor CookI am the good shepherd. I know my own and my own know me,   just as the Father knows me and I know the Father; and I lay down my life for the sheep.   And I have o...
Weak and Loved · 5M ago


Wet leaves and smell of earth, My hands thaw just like the ground,Spring makes them warm and eager to work Eager, like the the sons I bore,
Weak and Loved · 6M ago

let me tell you about my fears.

Stand where you are, and look around- be honest about how it feels to stand there.Honesty is tough; we prefer to look strong and courageous.  We like to hide those crying-in-the-bathroom mom...