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Healthy West Jordan · 1d ago

Grilled Chicken Cordon Bleu

A DELICIOUSLY, healthy version of Chicken Cordon Bleu! SIGN ME UP!Click here for the full recipe!
Healthy West Jordan · 1Y ago

Overcoming Barriers

Understanding common barriers to physical activity and creating strategies to overcome them may help you make physical activity part of your daily life.Lack of Time:Identify available time s...
Healthy West Jordan · 1Y ago

Active Lifestyle

A physically active lifestyle is fundamental to good health. Regular exercise is one of the best predictors of health, and no matter what you weigh, you can’t afford to be a couch potato. Ye...
Healthy West Jordan · 4d ago

Vigorous Intensity Exercise

Vigorous intensity means you're breathing hard and fast, and your heart rate has gone up quite a bit. If you're working at this level, you won't be able to say more than a few words without ...
Healthy West Jordan · 5d ago

High-Protein Egg Muffins!

These egg muffins are the best! You can make them ahead of time for an easy, high protein grab-n-go breakfast. You can also adapt this recipe if there are ingredients you don't care for, or ...
Healthy West Jordan · 1W ago

Spinach Salad - Creamy Poppy-seed Dressing

Love finding a salad that tastes as delicious as it looks! This recipe is the perfect and easy way to get some vegetables in!Full recipe and instructions can be found HERE! 
Healthy West Jordan · 1Y ago

Moderate Intensity Aerobic Exercise

Moderate intensity means you're working hard enough to raise your heart rate and break a sweat. One way to tell is that you'll be able to talk, but not sing the words to your favorite song. ...
Healthy West Jordan · 1Y ago

Muscle Strengthening Activities

Besides aerobic activity, you need to do things to strengthen your muscles at least 2 days a week. These activities should work all the major muscle groups of your body (legs, hips, back, ch...
Healthy West Jordan · 1Y ago

Aerobic Exercise

Aerobic activity or "cardio" gets you breathing harder and your heart beating faster. From pushing a lawn mower, to taking a dance class, to biking to the store – all types of activities cou...
Healthy West Jordan · 1W ago

Turkey Meatballs

SUPER easy way to get a high-protein, DELICIOUS meal in! Meatballs could be used in a variety of ways as well!To see full list of ingredients and baking instructions, click HERE!