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What I Learn From Marty · 3d ago

Her Soul

What I Learn From Marty · 1W ago

The Oral Dude

What I Learn From Marty · 1M ago

Hope -- More than a Town in Arkansas

What I Learn From Marty · 2M ago

Death's a Bummer

What I Learn From Marty · 3M ago

If Your Happy and You Know It.....Good for You

I get, I understand happy.  I’m largely a happy person, always have been, I like happy.  The odd thing is, at times, every now and then, occasionally, I feel a little guilty feeling happy.  ...
What I Learn From Marty · 4M ago

And God Smiled (Revisited)

I wrote this several years is one of my favorite moments in our journeyI play at golf.  I have no faith in my game.  I hit the ball all over the place and when I address the ball ...
What I Learn From Marty · 5M ago

Do It Again

She does it a lot.  You reach down, Marty turns her cheek to you, you kiss it, and she says, “Do it again”.  You kiss her cheek again, she says, “Do it again”.  This repeats four maybe five ...
What I Learn From Marty · 6M ago

Superman and Heaven, Wisdom from Marty

Spoiler alert on a couple of fronts….If you plan on seeing Batman VS  Superman as it comes out on DVD or HBO and want to be surprised by the end of this less than inspiring movie, stop readi...
What I Learn From Marty · 7M ago

Stripping Down

Two weeks ago I went to Dallas to see number one Grandson play soccer and then I took him to Toys R Us to shop for his birthday.  Marty didn’t go, Marty couldn’t go, it was a fast trip and there was really no way to get her wheelchair to the soccer f...
What I Learn From Marty · 8M ago

Poop or Chocolate?

There it was, poop, on my hand.  I reached for the first thing I could find, a tissue, at tissue on the cabinet, a used tissue, and without thinking wiped away the poop leaving a residue of ...