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White Dog Diary Online the continuing story of one miniature American Eskimo dog's adventures
White Dog Diary Online · 1d ago

June 27, 2017

White Dog touched my arm. "Slow and steady wins the race, momma," she reminded me. I was not unhappy with the number Cindy from Dr. Julia's office gave me. In fact, I had hoped this morning ...
White Dog Diary Online · 1d ago

June 26, 2017

White Dog jumped up next to Steve and pressed tightly against him. Bella scrambled into my lap and Opal frantically paced between us and her crate. Zsofia even crawled behind Steve's legs an...
White Dog Diary Online · 2d ago

June 25, 2017

White Dog gave a happy sigh. It had been a busy day, a good busy; the weather had broken and the heat was at least bearable. Steve had roasted a fresh chicken for the week which meant everyo...
White Dog Diary Online · 3d ago

June 24, 2017

White Dog was resting in her fortress behind the chairs as I assembled folders on a snack table. Stormer was wrapped around the table side and front so that his bottom was on my foot and his...
White Dog Diary Online · 4d ago

June 23, 2017

White Dog looked in the kitchen.Then she look at at me and laughed. "Know what this reminds me of," White Dog asked? "Sweet love, I have NO idea.""This."
White Dog Diary Online · 6d ago

June 22, 2017

White Dog was exhausted by the events of the day and had returned to her bed despite the fact that it was just past breakfast. I looked at Steve in puzzlement. "How come White Dog and every ...
White Dog Diary Online · 6d ago

June 21, 2017

White Dog pressed closer against the side of my face so that she could hear BOTH sides of the conversation that I was having with Dr. England. Stormer has been in to see her last Saturday fo...
White Dog Diary Online · 6d ago

June 20, 2017

White Dog wanted to go along. "Sweet Girl, we are going to the vet with Yo. You HATE the vet's office." She looked at me and said, "Their air conditioning is always cold AND they have tile f...
White Dog Diary Online · 6d ago

June 19, 2017

White Dog gave up and was sleeping in the cooling breeze of the swamp cooler. We are in the middle of a heat wave here in the southwest and it is not bringing out the best in the White Dog A...
White Dog Diary Online · 1W ago

June 18, 2017

White Dog and the rest of the White Dog Army all know how incredibly blessed they are to have a hu-dad who works so hard to make sure their needs are met on every level, AND who lets them kn...