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White Dog Diary Online the continuing story of one miniature American Eskimo dog's adventures
White Dog Diary Online · 39m ago

March 27, 2017

White Dog and the others gathered around the bed where Anya was cradled in pillows and blankets with an oxygen cannula in her mouth. She was non responsive and we were all preparing to say o...
White Dog Diary Online · 1h ago

March 26, 2017

White Dog said, "Now THIS is how EVERY day should be...waiting for dad to make pancakes...being all together and relaxed...Easy Sunday." "Sweet love," I told her, "I could not agree more!"
White Dog Diary Online · 1d ago

March 25, 2017

White Dog stood on the chair and directed the blizzard of white as we returned home. As expected it had been a long day abandoned and both humans and White Dogs were glad to be reunited. The...
White Dog Diary Online · 1d ago

March 24, 2017

White Dog knows the routine by now. The day before a Paws To People event is Pack Out Day. It is a day of no sitting on any furniture because it is all covered with boxes and stacks to be pu...
White Dog Diary Online · 2d ago

March 23, 2017

White Dog said, "Finally, I think the sickies have left the building. Everybody seems kind of back to normal DESPITE Benson's goofy new approach to eating treats."OK, dad I am readyToss in t...
White Dog Diary Online · 2d ago

March 22, 2017

White Dog actually suggested the idea of offering our toothless Anya a bit of soft lamb treat. "Wouldn't that be mean?" I asked, "To tease her especially since she is not even eating on her ...
White Dog Diary Online · 2d ago

March 21, 2017

White Dog, who is feeling a wee bit better, was sitting at my shoulder. Steve brought Anya in from her bath and placed her into my waiting arms full of fluffy towels."Wait, momma! Look!" WD ...
White Dog Diary Online · 5d ago

March 20, 2017

White Dog was curled up way in the back of her closet suite. Bella was sitting next to me. "Sure takes a long time for the sickies to travel through the entire Army, huh?" she commented.I st...
White Dog Diary Online · 1w ago

March 19, 2017

White Dog had a plan. "Anya is getting around the house pretty well and she is so curious. Maybe she should go on night-night walks with the pack. Dad takes her out in the yard after us anyw...
White Dog Diary Online · 1W ago

March 18, 2017

White Dog did not eat breakfast. Neither did Benson. Nilla nibbled but walked away; she NEVER misses a meal. Stormer ate heartily and then..."Momma, I do not feel so good," he said right bef...