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Wickedly Crazy Awesome Life · 2W ago

Rebel Girls

The interesting part, at least for me, in raising both a boy and a girl is ensuring both my children understand their importance. I want to fully elevate my daughter- I want her to know down...
Wickedly Crazy Awesome Life · 3W ago

Life According to Bean

A few weeks back, the Bean and I dropped Scorch off at his basketball practice then had an hour to kill before we had to go to our PTA meeting. My girl is hot chocolate obsessed, so we went ...
Wickedly Crazy Awesome Life · 1M ago

Favorite Books of 2016

My love of books is no joke. One of my greatest joys is finding a book so good that I’m willing to feed my kids cereal for dinner and let them watch TV while they eat so I can keep reading. ...
Wickedly Crazy Awesome Life · 1M ago

Practically Perfect in Every Way

A year ago at this time, we took the kids to see Peter Pan. It was the first professional play they had seen and it hit all the marks. It was mesmerizing and engaging, with sets that surpass...
Wickedly Crazy Awesome Life · 1M ago

The Not-So-Picture Perfect Holidays

Sometimes Christmas is picture perfect. From start to finish, the whole holiday and the time off around it is magical. The kids act and look like angels, the time with family is meaningful a...
Wickedly Crazy Awesome Life · 2M ago

Merry Christmas!

From my family to yours, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a happy Hanukkah! May your holidays be filled with love, laughter and the joy of family and friends!  
Wickedly Crazy Awesome Life · 2M ago

Wrapping Things Up (or not)

So here we sit, on Christmas Eve, Eve, Eve, Eve (I think) and I’m surprisingly zen over the small number of presents that have actually been wrapped. Who ever said life slows down around the...
Wickedly Crazy Awesome Life · 2M ago

Oh, Christmas Tree

Saturday was the day. We were going to get our tree, come hell or high water. I love Christmas Tree Day. While we don’t cut ours down (we know our limits), we go to a lovely tree lot, and ca...
Wickedly Crazy Awesome Life · 2M ago

Thankfulness: This Crazy Life

One of my favorite rituals is changing over our monthly white board calendar. I wipe last month’s craziness away, carefully pick the colored markers I want to use for the month’s name and da...
Wickedly Crazy Awesome Life · 3M ago

Thankfulness: Snow Days

When Scorch was a baby, I’d stare at him and wonder how in the world I’d ever love another child. I’d wonder why we’d want to try for another child when the one we had was so utterly perfect...