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Wiens Migration · 9M ago

Goodbye 2015! Finally....

To finish off the year Logan and I visited the Santa Fe Children's Museum. We loved it. It is smaller than Explora in Albuquerque, but about an hour closer to us so we will definitely be vis...
Wiens Migration · 9M ago

Christmas Time

Santa did indeed come to our house! He and the rest of the family spoiled us rotten. For Logan it was a year of board games and Octonauts. I forgot to mention that Logan did decided to give ...
Wiens Migration · 9M ago

Bring on the big guy!

It was almost time for the big guy to come visit. Just a few more days.Before he came, we did have some furry visitors. Have not seen them at all for many months, now that summer is here.Gra...
Wiens Migration · 9M ago

December Phone Chronicles

Apparently I forgot to add some phone photos to the last few blogs so here they are.Our Kindness Elf, Ralphie, had a few more antics to share before Christmas came. Apparently he likes photo...
Wiens Migration · 10M ago

Winter festivities continue

When it is cold outside you sometimes have to make your own indoor playground.Or take a nap or two.
Wiens Migration · 10M ago

'Tis the Season

Now to rush through December...We got our tree on the 1st.We had a tree trimming party with Uncle Tim, one of our closest friends.
Wiens Migration · 11M ago

November Phone Chronicles

Some photos from when Grandma and Grandpa Wiens came to visit.Another one of Frak and her way of learning how to quilt.Yes there is grass under those needles. Our yard has an endless supply ...
Wiens Migration · 11M ago

Finishing November

I think this may be the most behind I have ever been. So I am going to toss the rest of November's photos into this blog and then hopefully post the November phone photos in one more blog to...
Wiens Migration · 11M ago

Bring on November

Today is Mother's Day and I'm about to go see Captain America: Civil War. However I wanted to get one blog done before I leave.November began with some more leaf play. Our neighbors came ove...
Wiens Migration · 1Y ago

Costumes, Pumpkins, & Candy, Oh My

Down to the final days of October. A school costume parade and party to finish the month.My little hero.Special lunch for Halloween party day. Yay Pinterest.