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Wildland Fire Leadership · 2d ago

Leading Authentically: How Do I Tell the Emperors?

(Photo: By Alfred Walter Bayes, Dalziel Brothers [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons)Timeless leadership is always about character, and it is always about authenticity. ~ Warren BennisI t...
Wildland Fire Leadership · 3d ago


Wildland Fire Leadership · 6d ago


The hardest assignments begin with the simplest act. Adding the black band to my badge somehow makes it more real. It signifies the need, the calling to bring another fallen firefighter home...
Wildland Fire Leadership · 1w ago

IGNITE: Planting the Seeds of Knowledge

If we do not plant knowledge when young, it will give us no shade when we are old. - Attributed to Lord Chesterton[Photo: Kyle Miller/Wyoming IHC, Strawberry Hill fire]
Wildland Fire Leadership · 1W ago

Extreme Ownership: Get After it!

(Leif Babin, George Risko, Carlos Climent, and Jocko Willink; photo credit: George Risko)What is Extreme Ownership? Well, first, it’s a philosophy of leadership. It is also a book, the full ...
Wildland Fire Leadership · 1W ago

IGNITE: You Have a Duty to Influence Decisions

Everyone has the right and the duty to influence decision making and to understand the results. – Max De Pree[Photo: Kari Greer/USFS, Rough fire, 2015]
Wildland Fire Leadership · 2W ago

IGNITE: Kindness and Truth

Kindness doesn’t mean we avoid having difficult conversations with people. Kindness doesn’t mean we refuse to address poor performance. Kindness demands that we tell the truth. ~ Perry Noble...
Wildland Fire Leadership · 2W ago

Not Me! Ida Know! Nobody!

(Photo credit: The Family Circus by Bil and Jeff Keane)Growing up I looked forward to reading "The Family Circus" comic strip in the Sunday newspaper (to be honest, the comics were about all...
Wildland Fire Leadership · 2W ago

IGNITE: Common Purpose

No matter the challenges at hand, fire leaders work together to find common ground and act in the best interests of those responding to the incident, the public, and our natural resources. –...
Wildland Fire Leadership · 3W ago

IGNITE: Make a Difference

One person can make a difference and everyone should try. - John F. Kennedy[Photo credit: Oregon Department of Forestry]