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English - Horror, Writer, Fiction
William Meikle · 3d ago

Slave to the rhythm

We are creatures of rhythm and vibration.
William Meikle · 4d ago

A Bargain Meikle ebook Bundle

Dark Regions Press have put together a bargain ebook bundle of five of my books for just $9.00
William Meikle · 1W ago

In search of the thing.

I don’t know if it’s the same for other writers, but for many years I’ve been in search of...
William Meikle · 3W ago

Chillers and Thrillers Spring Giveaway

After the small success of my own giveaway last month, I’ve expanded this month and invited some other authors on board. If this works out, it could become a regular feature. Three lucky win...
William Meikle · 3W ago

Five favorite horror short stories

I’ve got a little list, of five of my favorite horror short stories. These ones have been ...
William Meikle · 4W ago

My writing – a plan, of sorts.

Turning sixty hit me harder than I expected it to, as did starting to draw a pension from ...
William Meikle · 1M ago

Dark Regions Press – a statement

In the fallout from last night’s Brian Keene podcast I’ve been asked several times today about Dark Regions Press. My dealings there are historical, in that the stand alone novels, novellas ...
William Meikle · 1M ago

Newfoundland and Me

Newfoundland is worming its way more and more into my soul, and out again in my writing. W...
William Meikle · 1M ago

Through a Mythos Darkly

Some stories fall through cracks. Some whole books do. Getting a story in THROUGH A MYTHOS...
William Meikle · 1M ago

The Seton family

Regular readers of mine know that I like to seed Seton family Easter eggs in my books. The...