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English - Horror, Writer, Fiction
William Meikle · 1d ago

New Release info – Deal or No Deal

AMAZON SAMPLE My latest novella, DEAL OR NO DEAL is out today, and is a return to the world of Derek Adams, the Midnight Eye, and the streets of Glasgow Three beers and a packet of crisps is a tempting... Continue Reading →
William Meikle · 2W ago

Coming up from me…

After a relatively quiet patch on the publications front, I’ve got a lot of material coming out in the rest of 2017 and through 2018. On the longer works side I have the following: Songs of Dreaming Gods, a Sigils... Continue Reading →
William Meikle · 3W ago

And now for something completely different…

I don’t think I’m going to be writing any straight horror fiction for a wee while. I looke...
William Meikle · 1M ago

Sherlock Holmes: The Dreaming Man, out now.

My new Sherlock Holmes novel, THE DREAMING MAN launches today from Gryphonwood Press. There’s a paperback too for anyone who prefers hard copy. THE DREAMING MAN is a novel length expansion to my earlier novella, REVENANT ( that makes up... Continue R...
William Meikle · 1M ago

Sign up, get a free ebook

Okay, lets do this one more time… My mailing list is starting again from scratch on my own domain. If you signed up previously, please come over again and rejoin me. As a reward and a celebration of the renewed... Continue Reading →
William Meikle · 1M ago

Back in Glasgow with The Midnight Eye

I still can’t settle on my next big project. Part of that is because I have so many things...
William Meikle · 1M ago

Book Review: 4/5 stars to GHOST TRAIN by Stephen Laws

Ghost Train by Stephen Laws My rating: 4 of 5 stars This was my introduction to Stephen Laws way back when, and led me to seek out everything he has written. It’s based on a great premise… that the main... Continue Reading →
William Meikle · 1M ago

Book Review: 5/5 stars to FEVRE DREAM by George R R Martin

Fevre Dream by George R.R. Martin My rating: 5 of 5 stars One of the best written vampire novels I have read. A real pleasure after having waded through so much tripe elsewhere. GRRM knows how to write, and how... Continue Reading →
William Meikle · 1M ago

Book Review: 4/5 Stars to THE SIX MESSIAHS by Mark Frost

The Six Messiahs by Mark Frost My rating: 4 of 5 stars When I first read THE SIX MESSIAHS, I was more than a bit disappointed with it. I wanted a sequel to the excellent LIST OF SEVEN. I wanted... Continue Reading →
William Meikle · 1M ago

Book Review: 4/5 stars to HIDE ME AMONG THE GRAVES by Tim Powers

Hide Me Among the Graves by Tim Powers My rating: 4 of 5 stars I’ve been a big Tim Powers fan for many years now. I adore the way he attacks a plot with exuberance and bravado. In this one... Continue Reading →