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William Meikle · 1W ago


With the demise of DarkFuse, my new novels will now be coming from CROSSROAD PRESS, and here’s the first of them. SONGS OF DREAMING GODS is the story of a house. In this one you’ll find creepy china dolls, a... Continue Reading →
William Meikle · 3W ago

Newsflash – Rowan Casey boxset offer

Most of you know that I’m involved in the VEIL KNIGHTS series under the pen name of Rowan Casey with 11 other fine writers. Today we’re running a promo to bring new readers into the series, ...
William Meikle · 1M ago

Q&A: What do you have coming up?

So, Willie. What do you have coming down the pike in 2017 and beyond that we can look forward to sinking our teeth into?” On the novels side, I have 3 coming from DarkFuse, all in limited edition hardcover at... Continue Reading →
William Meikle · 1M ago

Q&A: What was your favorite story to write?

That’s always a difficult one, as it changes with my mood. But I think I nailed it most in two fairly recent novellas, BROKEN SIGIL, and TORMENTOR, both from DarkFuse. BROKEN SIGIL was the s...
William Meikle · 2M ago

July Newsletter

I’ve got several things of note to report this month During Late July/ August I’m guest au...
William Meikle · 2M ago

A Sigils and Totems Mythos – the story so far

I’m just about to embark on a connected set of stories that will add to my growing pieces of work that encompass the Sigils and Totems idea. A Meikle Mythos if you like. It’s a simple enough concept. There are... Continue Reading →
William Meikle · 3M ago


Our Lady Of Darkness by Fritz Leiber My rating: 5 of 5 stars OUR LADY OF DARKNESS isn’t an exciting read. It’s a slow burner, a mass of details, all seeming inconsequential at first, that build and grow into something... Continue Reading →
William Meikle · 3M ago

Captain’s Log – A commentary on the state of the world

  “It appears to be organic, Captain,” the technician said. The huge viewing screen in mission control confirmed that there was indeed something new in the skies overhead. The ISS had spotte...
William Meikle · 3M ago

New Release info – Deal or No Deal

AMAZON SAMPLE My latest novella, DEAL OR NO DEAL is out today, and is a return to the world of Derek Adams, the Midnight Eye, and the streets of Glasgow Three beers and a packet of crisps is a tempting... Continue Reading →
William Meikle · 4M ago

Coming up from me…

After a relatively quiet patch on the publications front, I’ve got a lot of material coming out in the rest of 2017 and through 2018. On the longer works side I have the following: Songs of Dreaming Gods, a Sigils... Continue Reading →