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Windows Toward the World · 3h ago

Saturday, Sixth Week of Easter 2017

“Be brave and try to detach your heart from worldly things. Do your utmost to banish darkness from your mind and come to understand what true, selfless piety is. Through confession, endeavor...
Windows Toward the World · 1d ago

Friday, Sixth Week of Easter 2017

“Almighty, eternal, just, and merciful God, grant us in our misery that we may do for your sake alone what we know you want us to do, and always what pleases you; so that, cleansed and enlig...
Windows Toward the World · 2d ago

Thursday, Sixth Week of Easter 2017

“The “spirit of the world” offers many false illusions and parodies of happiness. There is perhaps no darkness deeper than the darkness that enters young people’s souls when false prophets e...
Windows Toward the World · 3d ago

Wednesday, Sixth Week of Easter 2017

“Almighty God, who gave to the just man from Nazareth, St. Joseph, the privilege of serving as earthly Father to Jesus your Son, through his intercession, watch over our families and guide u...
Windows Toward the World · 4d ago

Tuesday, Sixth Week of Easter 2017

“Like the good thief who hung condemned next to the sinless Christ on a cross, anyone who confesses at the end of life may experience the same eternal reward as those who have lived a lifeti...
Windows Toward the World · 5d ago

Monday, Sixth Week of Easter 2017

“The courage to live the call to share Jesus with others comes from a hope that gives way to the discipline of prayer. Prayer inspires a life of joyful dependence on the Lord, which allows u...
Windows Toward the World · 6d ago

Sixth Sunday in Easter 2017

“In the Eucharist, we actually receive the Risen Jesus—an encounter that transforms and miraculously changes us into him. We experience the Love that is his very Person. “For my flesh is tru...
Windows Toward the World · 1w ago

Saturday, Fifth Week of Easter 2017

“Remember that you can never be separated from the Being who gave you life. You were created by the Love that gives life to all things. Human love is a way to touch this greater Love. That i...
Windows Toward the World · 1w ago

“Rosary in the Pine Forest”

“Rosary in the Pine Forest” is now online at **
Windows Toward the World · 1W ago

Friday, Fifth Week of Easter 2017

“Mary as a good mother teaches us to be, like her, capable of making definitive decisions; definitive choices, at this moment in a time controlled by, so to speak, a philosophy of the provis...