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WIRED · 33m ago

Inside Cuba's D.I.Y. Internet Revolution

In Havana, where data trickles in via overloaded, government-controlled networks—if at all—the people have taken matters into their own hands.
WIRED · 33m ago

Asomándonos a la Revolución Cubana de Internet Hecha por los Propios C

En Cuba, donde los datos gotean vía una red sobrecargada controlada por el gobierno—en su caso—la gente ha puesto en escena la revolución del auto autor.
WIRED · 1d ago

Zero-G Blood and the Many Horrors of Space Surgery

Traumatic injury in space has a huge potential impact on a mission. And people barely know anything about how to deal with it.
WIRED · 13h ago

Adobe Flash Will Finally Die Off in 2020

No, for real this time.
WIRED · 14h ago

Google Keeps Employees Confused During Wage Gap Investigation, Says Fed

A lawyer for the Department of Labor says, "Google’s response to the judge’s order appears to be a deliberate effort to confuse the media and their own employees."
WIRED · 17h ago

Popular Remote Administrative Tools Turn Out to Be Easily Hacked

As the debate over "hacking back" heats up, it turns out that a lot of the time actually doing so wouldn't be all that hard.
WIRED · 16h ago

Tomorrow’s Mini Medical Robots Could Squirm Like Maggots

Engineers are prototyping a soft-bodied drug delivery system capable of wriggling through flesh.
WIRED · 17h ago

San Quentin’s Web Design Shop Gives Inmates a Future-Ready Fresh Start

A new program helps inmates learn to code, and earn a decent wage.
WIRED · 17h ago

Climate Change Is Killing Us Right Now

The most obvious effect of global warming is not a doomsday scenario. Extreme heat is happening today, and wreaking havoc on vulnerable bodies.
WIRED · 18h ago

Figma Wants Designers to Collaborate Google-Docs Style

The startup unveiled two key features that should give its competitors pause.