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WIRED · 7h ago

War Machine Is Your Sneak Peek at Netflix’s Blockbuster Future

Brad Pitt's combat satire is the streaming service's riskiest original film yet. But where...
WIRED · 8h ago

Google’s AlphaGo Trounces Humans—But It Also Gives Them a Boost

The world's top Go players are now taking pages from AlphaGo's playbook. The post Google's...
WIRED · 9h ago

Assistants, Please

Is there anything your phone can't do these days? The post Assistants, Please appeared fir...
WIRED · 13h ago

Obesity Surgery May Work by Remaking Your Gut Microbiome

A mounting body of evidence suggests that it may be possible to get all the weight-droppin...
WIRED · 14h ago

Where—and When—You’ll Find America’s Worst Traffic This Memorial Day Weekend

And some tips for dodging the worst of the worst. The post Where—and When—You'll Find Amer...
WIRED · 15h ago

9 Essential Summer Reads—From Sci-Fi to Philosophical Superheroes

Summer is nigh. These are the books to keep on-hand while prepping for your next vacation....
WIRED · 15h ago

Eerie Photos Capture Fear and Paranoia in Washington DC

Government leaks, Russian hacks, and white vans on street corners. Everyone's on edge. The post Eerie Photos Capture Fear and Paranoia in Washington DC appeared first on WIRED.
WIRED · 16h ago

For Modern Astronomers, It’s Learn to Code or Get Left Behind

Fledgling astronomers still don't take meaningful courses in modern coding, data science, ...
WIRED · 16h ago

Minutiae: The Curious App That Captures Your Unfiltered Life

Think of it like the anti-Instagram. The post Minutiae: The Curious App That Captures Your...
WIRED · 16h ago

This Entrepreneur A/B Tested Her Clothes to Combat Sexism

How kick-ass pants, a calculated stare (and a LOT of hard work) disarmed sexist investors ...