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Wishbone Soup · 4d ago

Untypical Witchery

Photo credit: Gareth Lloyd, sourced from FacebookRed dust shook up, till the sun could be stared at, flat-edge-blurred, as though it were being reforged. The storm like a bellows through fir...
Wishbone Soup · 2W ago

Grandchild 6, Eventually

Wishbone Soup · 3W ago

Book Review, September

I found this author via Radio 4, Desert Island Discs. Having spent so many years without the funds for new books, I am unaware of many writers whose work I would otherwise be munching up. Of...
Wishbone Soup · 1M ago

Making Charcoal At The Bulworthy Project

Just a structure, at first. A ring of metal that sits, foot-swaddled in tarred sand. 
Wishbone Soup · 1M ago

Autumn Weft

Late in August warm air sunk to the ground, cooler air dropped to our shoulders.We had felt the thermal transfer - thought of skin softly clothed, cinnamon and blackberries bubbling under pa...
Wishbone Soup · 2M ago

I Wrote A Novel, But Then Was Distracted

I wrote a novel, then I published it. Then Mr bought me a strimmer, just at nettle harvest time. And the tomatoes were red, grapes purple-black, runner beans rough green - our garden, a boun...
Wishbone Soup · 2M ago

View From The Tunnel

I see there are too many ants. In themselves of no harm, but a propensity to farm aphids which leach sap. I worry for my basil harvest. I see hedge sparrows hop in, peck up ants. They bend a...
Wishbone Soup · 3M ago


All the legal requirements were signed off in a minimal office. A stationery cupboard, Daughter 2 reported, laughing.Next order of business was a wedding breakfast: except for the groom, he ...
Wishbone Soup · 3M ago

Second Half Of The Year Begins

We were waiting for a storm, it was so hot. No one had patience for waiting. We knew the correct way to break a heatwave - one needs a storm, preferably heavy.We were luring the cloud, the w...
Wishbone Soup · 4M ago

Tidings From A Summer's Day

Dear Friends,Today I tidied the unfathomable shed. Under rusting shelves a bag was malingering, clinking, but in a way that seems more like muttering, as I dragged it out. Contents: six forg...