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Wishbone Soup · 2W ago

Future Me

Under the blurred waxing of a blood moon, we are frowning, getting pestered with details, nothing so vital, just needing attention, but there’s not enough sleep for this nonsense. Metaphoric...
Wishbone Soup · 2W ago

Book Review January

Hot Flashes & Cold LemonadeFirstly - sorry for the late posting. Undertook 5 hours of sparring to raise money for a UK charity that helps prevent young suicide, we think we’ve raised over £2...
Wishbone Soup · 1M ago

Laughing In The Morning

Our matriarch, the impish Granma Grace, has not had the best of times, of late. A succession of hospital stays, a succession of strokes and falls - it has taken its toll on us all. My sister...
Wishbone Soup · 1M ago

Sparkly Ice Magic

A peek back at the void between Christmas and New Year. We filled it with grandchildren (and work, which is sort of cheating). Managed to corral four of the little Gs for Granma’s instantly ...
Wishbone Soup · 1M ago

Diary Poem 2017

 One A5 silver diary has been the recipient of the many lists and appointments and events this last year. Everyday I have noted a moment that made that day particular to itself, a mindfulnes...
Wishbone Soup · 2M ago

Yule Tale 2017

Titania's Curious Other Life‘It’s been this way for… I don’t remember…Like I’ve just been born out of this… box?It isn’t an actual box, of course. It’s a room. A room in my mind.Location reg...
Wishbone Soup · 2M ago

Wasp And Map

So, where are we?There’s a wasp in the bathroom again, wandering on foot, has an air of lost yet determined.Can relate. I photographed it.Where was it we wanted to be?Can’t recall. Mostly we...
Wishbone Soup · 2M ago

November Cold

Wishbone Soup · 2M ago

An Incomplete Review

Here’s the introduction to the book I have almost succeeded in reading this month:‘We live, we love. We laugh and grieve and learn and grow. Life is a forge that burns away the surface, stre...
Wishbone Soup · 3M ago


I was driving, at night, down a country road into a lit street; the dashboard lights had broken so I was keen to check fuel levels and such: when I saw the rain, the uncountable droplets, th...