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Wobisobi · 2W ago

Workout Shirt 101, DIY

 Soo we just got internet back today because  Hurricane Irma decided to visit and stay for a couple of days, uninvited I might add.  To celebrate I wanted to post the shirt I did before she ...
Wobisobi · 1M ago

Grey, Side-tied Tee: DIY

I really love Side Tied shirts. What is nice about this T-Shirt, DIY is that you can adjust the sizing
Wobisobi · 2M ago

Week 2, Of the Last 30 Days: My 90 day Challenge.

   Week 10Week 10Never in a million years did I ever think I would be doing something like this. I usually record my
Wobisobi · 3M ago

Healing from the loss of a loved one. My 90 Day Challenge.

Wow this is so hard to write, I am crying writing  through this whole post.   This is my Grandmother Polly, she was 101 years old and we were very close.  She Passed away this past April and...
Wobisobi · 3M ago

Double Tied, Open Back Tee: DIY

I have been working on a few new designs. Here is another No Sew Tee for you to make to wear this summer.I am also working on a vlog for the last 4 weeks of my 90 Day Challenge.I am going to try and post a video every Monday of the week before.  It w...
Wobisobi · 3M ago

Open Back, Crisscross Tee; DIY

Here is another easy shirt  for you to make in less than 5 minutes.Today marks day 40 of the 90 day challenge that I set up for myself.Hows it going?,  in one word, Super!Right now I seem to be on auto pilot. Which means even if I wanted to I couldn'...
Wobisobi · 4M ago

Braided Back, Crisscross, T-Shirt; DIY

I suppose working on DIY Tee Shirts is my obsession.  I try to change a plain tee- shirt as many ways as I can.   It's a challenge and one of  my favorite ways to be creative.  The pink shirt in this tutorial  does have a little hand sewing, but the ...
Wobisobi · 4M ago

Cut up, Workout Shirt: DIY

 Two weeks ago  I had to make a huge shift in my everyday life to save my sanity and help me get though the very difficult time of losing my 101 and 1/2 year old Grandmother Polly.   I knew that if I did not  make a change in my Physical Activity tha...
Wobisobi · 6M ago

Butterfly Tee: DIY

 Pintrest I saw this cute  shirt on Pinterest and I really thought it would be easy to recreate. What a perfect shirt for a summer trip to the beach.I named this a Butterfly Tee because that was the first thought that went through my head when I saw ...
Wobisobi · 6M ago

Easy V-Neck, Choker Tee: DIY.

I have seen These Choker tee's everywhere, and I love how flattering they are. Such and easy no sew DIY, that you could make one in minutes.Things You Need. T-ShirtScissorsChalk  Lie the shi...