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Valentines Truism

Valentine's Day is around the corner and I am going to share with you a little bit about this special day through my thoughts and also on how it was originally intended for the pleasure of t...'s · 1Y ago

What type of partner are you?

Relationships are made up of two people. Two people with very unique characteristics and different minds. Whether these qualities are genetically inherited or through learned behavior, matte...'s · 1Y ago


Moms....Mom's are caringMom's are directionMom's are our mentorsMom's laugh because they loveMom's know without being toldMom's hear without even listeningMom's cry in the quiet of their hea...'s · 1Y ago


One of the most beautiful qualities of a true relationship between couples is... to understand and to be understood.To be understood is by far one of the most important links responsible for joining two hearts and two minds together.This link can onl...'s · 1Y ago

~Couples & their differences~

We are all individuals and even the worlds happiest couples, do not share the same character. They simply share an amazing awareness and understanding of each others differences. In choosing this way of thinking, they do not allow their differences t...'s · 1Y ago

I didn't change... you just never knew me~

The Meet...The Attraction...The Infatuation...The Lust...The Courtship...The Relationship begins...He seems perfect...She seems perfect...Partners both begin with clean slates. I have writte...'s · 1Y ago

Being single in a relationship~

In a relationship one of the first mistakes people make, is in depending on the other to a...'s · 1Y ago

To ME..You are perfect~

To ME are PERFECT~... words that most people love to hear. These are words that most partners not only wait to hear, but also tend to gauge their confidence level by. In saying that... for all of you partners out there that feel that they are ...'s · 1Y ago

Happiness depends upon ourselves~

~All the Best Wishes and Success in 2012 to everyone~A small reminder from me to you...Cha...'s · 1Y ago

A cry for help~

Relationships can bring out many insecurities that we have either managed to avoid or that we just have never had to deal with before. One of those insecurites that I seem to address more an...